Michelle Obama Talks Up Gay Dems.

Michelle Obama came out for the gays yesterday.

The potential first lady appeared at New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel to address the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council, which is just DNC fancy talk for “rich white men.” Well, mostly. We were there and saw maybe ten girl guests and only a few people of color.

Mrs. Obama spent much of her time hitting Barack Obama‘s key campaign points and even echoed his stump speeches at times. More than that, however, Mrs. Obama attempted to link the civil rights movement with the gay rights movement:

“We are all only here because of those who marched and bled and died, from Selma to Stonewall, in the pursuit of a more perfect union,” she said at the event, held days before the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots between gays and New York police, and the city’s annual gay pride parade.

“The world as it is should be one that rejects discrimination of all kinds,” she said.

Touting her husband’s record pushing for workplace discrimination legislation as an Illinois state senator and his support of civil unions, Obama noted her husband also had brought a call for equality to conservative groups, telling churchgoers they need to combat homophobia in the black community.

While pride and general election politics were the meat of Michelle’s speech, the underlying message was clear: gays, you need to back Barack Obama. This was not a deep, biting or even especially intriguing appearance, but Obama’s appearance last night definitely did the job: the event raised about $1.3 million.

We’ll have some more analysis on Mrs. Obama’s appearance later in the day.

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  • emb

    Before all the loathing and snarkiness and “Mrs Hussein” nonsense starts, listen to this bit again:

    “We are all only here because of those who marched and bled and died, from Selma to Stonewall, in the pursuit of a more perfect union,”

    And when, exactly, was the last time a potential First Lady was quite so eloquent and clear in her support of GLBT equality, much less linked the gay rights movement to civil rights?

    Perhaps Cindy McCain would like to steal THAT recipe.

  • CitizenGeek

    I adore Michelle Obama. She’s inspirational, articulate, strong and well-spoken, much like her husband. Her speech got a standing ovation and she raised 1.3 million from 200 gays, so I’m guessing it was a great speech!

  • ajax

    I am not a single issue voter. I am not short-sighted. However, my heart breaks every time I see that Mr. Obama supports civil unions. The fact he will work to codify my second-class citizenship sickens me. I am 52 years old. My partner and I are already quite civilized. We have, for the past 13+ years, had an exclusive union. What we are not is married. I want to be married. My partner wants to be married. We want to marry each other. Our families want us to marry each other. My adoptive mother (she’s 82) wants to walk the two of us down the aisle while she can still walk. WTF is wrong about this? MARRY me, Obama!

  • emb

    I agree, Ajax, and share your frustration. The reality, of course, is that Obama’s position on the gay marriage issue is about as liberal as one can get in the US and still have a reasonable shot at getting elected.

    Just remember that Obama has NOT (unlike a certain senator from Arizona) promised to fight against gay marriage; he just thinks that politically, civil unions are more achievable. Recent events in California MAY make that point of view less defensible (let’s wait and see what my fellow citizens decide to do to me in November), but for now it’s just the politics of reality.

    Sucks, though.

    Hey–Bring your mom out to CA with you this summer!

  • ajax

    EMB, don’t worry, I would not vote for McCain so he could continue Bush’s policy of loading the Supremes with reactionaries.

    And, although we can’t bring mom with us, we’re planning to fly out to California and elope. I’m going to pick up his ring tonight – I designed it to match the watch his father passed on to him. Our families are going to be really disappointed that we’ve married without them in attendance, but they’ll understand.

  • Tom

    Ajax wrote: “The fact he will work to codify my second-class citizenship sickens me.”

    Well I guess you have been sick a very long time because it was the conservative wing of the Republican party that banned gay marrigae in 26 states. And it was the Republicans pushing for the federal constitutional ban on gay marriage. And it was McCain who put his name behind the gay ban in Arizona and who is currently supporting the ban here in California.

    So while Obama’s position supporting civil unions may sicken you, the alternative should cause you convulsions and near-death symptoms. Or maybe this is a new-found sickness because Obama is running?

  • emb

    Congratulations, Ajax!

  • Woof

    Is that Condeleza?

  • CitizenGeek

    Very well said, Tom!

  • Jack Jett

    Everyday this lady become more and more like a current version of Jackie O.

    She makes me wish I were smart.


    Michelle dear does a “more perfect union”
    also means second class citizenship, are we supposed to be glad that at least your talking about us although there’s little behind your words. When you say rejection of ” discrimination of all kinds” do you also mean Marriage Equality both at the state and Federal level, if you do then you need to have a little talk with Hussein. Perhaps you only mean not having to worry about being fired from your job because your gay. Throw those bones to someone else, I’m not an animal I’m as human as you and Barack and my family deserves the same rights your family have.
    Keep throwing more $ to them with their fancy little speeches that at the end of the day mean little to nothing.

  • Gregoire

    Once again, Churchilly you bitch and moan and mince but offer no alternatives or solutions.

  • ajax

    Tom and CitizenGeek, what are you talking about? Yes there is anti-gay legislation on the books. Yes, there are people who are a worse choice than Obama. What’s your point? Should I be happy that my best choice is someone who doesn’t recognize the simple civil and human rights principles that underly this issue. It doesn’t make me happy. It makes me sick.

    You find that unreasonable?


    Ditto Ajax.

    “I still think that these are decisions that need to be made at a state and local level. I’m a strong supporter of civil unions. And I think that, you know, we’re involved in a national conversation about this issue. You know, I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman”-
    Barack in reference to the California Marriage decision.

    You can find it here in Queerty under the tittle:
    “Obama’s Repetitive Marriage Definition Draws Fire”

    I’m saddened and sorry for you and your adoptive mother but don’t count on Obama giving her that happiness.


    Wrong Gregoire, all I’m saying is that we wont get nowhere fast by just behaving like sheep.
    We should support and help to get to office those who back-up our rights completely and not those who just throw us some bones like you would to a dog just shut him up. Once again we find ourselves in an election year with two candidates that don’t see how un-American a second class citizenship is and Obama should know better than that. What we need to do is confront them and put a mirror to their faces and not shower them with money and blind support while they make distinctions on what rights we should get.
    Lets work on making them see their hypocrisy and not take our votes for granted.


    *all I’m saying is that we’ll get nowhere fast*

  • Bob

    How nice! Michelle makes nice with the gays while her husband drifts farther and farther to the right. We put forth a candidate who remained a mystery until the primaries were over, and now that we’re finally getting a glimpse of the man and his policies we’re not liking what we see. Hilarious. But I’m sure either he or his wife will make a pretty speech, his supporters will swoon, and meanwhile he’ll help gut gun control laws or help dismantle Medicare or call for expanding the death penalty or who knows what’s next. Sigh.

  • Tom

    Your comments suggest that Obama is somehow unique in his position on gay marriage. As you know, there is no viable presidential candidate who supports gay marriage. In fact, McCain (and the republicans) do not even suppport civil unions. So I do not understand how Obama makes you sick with his position when the alternative is exponentially worse.

    Frankly, all I want are the federal and state benefits which come from a recognized bond, whether you call it marriage or civil unions, I don’t give a damn. But considering all the other issues facing us (health care, economy, war, poverty, environment, etc.) I am certainly not going to get sick about whether Obama supports gay marrigae.

  • James


    A quick question. You say this:

    “We should support and help to get to office those who back-up our rights completely and not those who just throw us some bones like you would to a dog just shut him up.”

    Good point by the way. Does it also apply to Clinton, who is also against same-sex marriage? In fact, if we are talking former presidential candidates the only two in support of marriage rights were Gravel and Kucinich.


  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I think Bob forgot to take his “Party Association” Pills. Someone, sponge Bob and give him some McSquare Pants!



    First, thanks for the lady part I hope you feel more secure in your masculinity.
    Second, I was a Kucinich supporter till the end of his run for the candidacy of the DNC. After I went to Edwards not because of him but for his wife and daughter which I’m sure you know where/are in favor of Marriage Equality. Then after he dropped-out, having to decide between Barack and Hillary I went for her because by that time I was aware of some of Baracks associations/friendships and although I wasn’t so enthused with Hillary and even less so with Bill I knew her more and thought that once in the White House she might want to do things differently than her husband. With Barack I know for sure putting all his homophobe buddies aside, we’ll remain stagnant, just where we are because he is telling it to us frankly through his statements. His change slogans/policies? only partially include us. Obama unlike McCain is not a decrepit old fart who perhaps is seeking to only serve a four year term. No, Obama is looking for the whole 8 years. And that means another election and that means he can’t go against his solid voting block who has so far garnered him the Democratic party victory, yes I’m talking about the black community(perhaps you are a member of it James)that needles to say don’t see us Gay people as deserving of the same full rights and obligations which they enjoy under the US Constitution.

    Baisers volés

  • Gregoire

    Again, for some reason you don’t want us to work with the only candidate willing to have a discussion on the issue of gay and lesbian civil rights. Its either going to be one or the other in the White House, Obama or McCain. Your devisiveness just for the sake of objection is politics at its worst.

  • James

    Church baby,

    I’m always cool with my man-hood such as it is. Thanks for asking. Not sure why you feel a need to ask if I’m member of the black community. Don’t know what that adds to the conversation but I guess in your world race matters a whole lot. I’ll ask one more question if I may: you gave your support to Clinton knowing she was against same sex marriage. So this idea is not iron-clad is it?

    “Confront them and put a mirror to their faces and not shower them with money and blind support while they make distinctions on what rights we should get.”

    I’m not saying it should be, but you seem to want to apply that only to Obama, even with your serious misgivings about Bill Clinton (If I’m wrong here please tell me). If Clinton were the nominee would you be writing the same stuff about her coolness toward marriage rights?

    More kisses

  • Bob

    What a mature and witty post, Seitan! Love how the Obamatons attack anyone who dare criticize their beloved Saint Obama. You deserve him …

  • hisurfer

    C’mon Ajax – nobody and no government can stop you from walking down the aisle.

  • Bob

    James, is there a particular reason for the name-calling?

  • ajax

    Tom, you write: “So I do not understand how Obama makes you sick with his position when the alternative is exponentially worse.”

    The HIV virus is exponentially worse than a cold virus, yet a cold virus would sicken me.

    Obama’s stand on marriage equality is glib, shallow, clay-footed, embarassing, and it sicknes me.

  • James


    Sure. In previous postings Churchill has engaged in pure and out-right race baiting. He will say that’s not true, but in previous posts of his he has called Obama by his middle name Hussein, named a fellow poster Moesha, and accused anyone who is black and gay of living on the “down-low” (among other things). Heck why is he asking me if I’m a member of the black community? Does that have anything to do with our conversation? Now I’ll have a conversation with anyone but if you race bait, I have the right to mock.

  • Bob

    Go ahead and mock. It just makes your points less convincing when they’re couched in personal attacks.

  • James


    I’ll take that advice as long as you tell Church that his points lose any validity when he race baits.

  • ajax

    C’mon Hisurfer. Why you hating on me and my mom because I used a metaphor? What’s your point? That I can waste my money on a sham? How about you do that and I’ll fight for important things.


    James: Race bait means only one thing to you and your friends and that is anyone who’s not on the Obama wagon.
    Not that facts mean anything to people like you but my first response here on Queerty was to a misogynistic and obscene comment made by one of your “fellow posters”. Same with 777 who sees nothing wrong with making snarky and insulting comments whenever he pleases. But just like your candidate there seems to be a hypocritical mindset to you, guess that amongst other things is what attracts you to him.
    The answer to your question is YES, there’s nothing “iron-clad” about my concerns about Mr.Obama. Your right in that their positions didn’t differ that much but the difference is that Hillary wasn’t projecting herself as an agent of “Change” and different from the politics in Washington. Plus there’s the painful scene of seeing a black man who should know a thing or two about discrimination not seeing nothing wrong with second class citizen rights as those he says he support. If you add to all that all the associations with avowed homophobest and black supremacist he has cultivated through the years then you can clearly see why my LAST choice was Hillary and not him.

    Baisers volés & embrassades

  • James


    As usual you have a difficult time reading. If you go over anything I’ve written, I’ve never suggested you should be for Obama. I’ve disagreed with your race baiting which you do on your own. And for some reason you assume I’m for Obama. I’m not but go on and keep making those assumptions baby.

    kisses to you and yours

  • Gregoire

    “The HIV virus is exponentially worse than a cold virus, yet a cold virus would sicken me.”

    So you would rather contract the HIV virus then catch a cold then? Because either McCain or Obama are going to win. 100% chance. To use your ridiculous metaphor, you can choose to be for or against, but it doesnt matter because its 100% confirmed that you’re either getting HIV or a cold. And you choose to spend your time bitching about that future cold.

  • Bill Perdue

    What Democrats and Republicans like Obama are saying is that if bigots don’t like same sex marriage we’ll just have to learn to live with it. Some, like EMB and Tom, are willing to do just that.

    Democrats and Republicans like Obama voted overwhelmingly for DADT, a bill that formalized and legalized bigotry in the armed forces because most Democratic (sic) Party leaders are bigots or make appeasing bigots their priority. They gave us DOMA and they ripped ENDA to shreds and then junked it.

    That’s why Democrats and Republicans like Obama junked the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill after it passed both Houses of Congress. They sent a clear message of our second class status which the thugs understand all too well which is why so many young GLBT folks have been murdered and beaten since they junked it.

    Democrats and Republicans like Obama oppose same sex marriage, so they can pander to bigots, forgetting that the polls are now swinging our way. Their entrenched habit of appeasing bigotry trumps political reality and our desires for full equality.

    Jupiter Optimus Maximus, if Obama keeps up this pace of betrayals who’ll be left to get a taste of his cold steel between their shoulder blades after he gets nominated and if he gets elected?

    Most voters in most elections either lodge a protest vote or just ignore the elections. They’re a diversion from the real need to build anti-government, anti-bigot, anti-business movements.

  • blake


    Don’t lie! Anyone who’s been on this site for more than a week knows your a white supremacist with strong anti-black racist views. So, stop pretending that your objections to Obama are just about “civil unions.”

    Repeatedly, you have called black people on this site racist names and even cited information from a white supremacist website. You attack African-Americans with slurs like “ghetto” and “Moesha,” trying to diminish them because of their African heritage.

    You whine about being treated like a second class citizen but constantly treat others in the manner that you supposedly deplore. You’re a hypocrite.

    By calling Obama “Hussein,” you are employing xenophobia, pointing out the otherness of his name, and penalizing him for a name given to him by his parents. Would you tease a Chinese American for being named Chow or Wu? Would you tease a Latino for being called Manuel or Diego?

    Yes, gay guy Church-Nazi insults someone for being different. There’s no irony there. None whatsoever. It’s not like gay people are ever persecuted for being different. (I’m sure the mothers of Matthew Shepard, Lawrence King, and Michael Sandy would differ with you.)

    You say that Obama wants to deny you federal and state rights. However, that is the opposite of his proposed legislation does. Obama has pledged to repeal DOMA and give civil unions the same equal standings as marriage in terms of all federal laws.

    Killing DOMA effectively prevents states from not recognizing the civil unions or marriages performed in another state. That means that you can go to California, get married, and your home state would be forced to recognize your marriage.

    Obama’s civil union law gives equal treatment in inheritance, IRS benefits, social security, etc. And, call the rest of us crazy, but protection from discrimination in housing and employment along with protection through federal hate crimes laws is a life and death matter.

    Of course, facts just get in the way of your hate. John McCain reiterated his support of the nutters who are trying to ban same-sex marriage in California. Where are your cries of protest against McCain?

    The sad part about you is that your heroes in the Klan would just as soon as lynch you because you’re gay as they would any non-white person or white Jewish person. But, of course, you could always pretend to be one of the boys–just living in fear of being discovered and the consequence of your being different.

    Here’s a nice video detailing McShame’s infamy in homophobia: http://queersunited.blogspot.com/2008/06/stonewall-democrats-john-mccains-pride.html

  • ajax

    “So you would rather contract the HIV virus then catch a cold then? ”

    Gregoire, may I suggest a remedial reading class? (Please focus on the different meanings and usage of the words “than” and “then”.) Tom made the point that it was unreasonable for me to be sickened by Obama’s stance when McCain’s stance is more egregious. My point is that both are sickening.

    Perhaps you can understand this: Dick and Jane get married. Ajax and his partner get screwed.

    Ajax and his partner don’t want to be screwed by McCain or Obama. Ajax and his partner want to get married.

  • Tom

    I wish people would not attempt to engage in a rational discussion with bigots like churchill and rcpv. They are both very crazy, trolls provoking responses, or repuklicans seeking to create divisions within our community. In either case, they are both completely unhinged and irrational and no amount of rational discussion can penetrate through their thick, warped minds.

    I think if you ignore them long enough, they will simply go away and infect some other blog site.

  • Paul

    she’s a fucking cunt and her husband is a total prick – i hope the republicans CRUSH them back to Illinois where they belong…..

    Go John McCain – you’re better than that asshole anyday!

  • Trenton

    Lawdy, quite the acrimony in this thread. Paul apparently wants not to be outdone by RCPV and Churchill-y. I blame you for provoking him, Tom! Now…somebody throw a chair!

  • fredo777

    Bob: “James, is there a particular reason for the name-calling?”

    Is this not coming from the same person who posted that Obama supporters are “Obamatons” worshipping “Saint Obama”?


    Paul: “Go John McCain – you’re better than that asshole anyday!”

    You must be joking…

  • Tom

    Yeah, it looks like I spoke too soon…sigh, add Paul to the list. This is what we get for all the massive cuts in aid for mental health treatment. I don’t blame the crazies though, they know not what they do.



    “bigots like churchill and rcpv. They are both very crazy, trolls”

    “thick, warped minds”

    These people behave just like that they say they despise. But it’s Okay when they do it.

    But what I really find hilarious is their attempts at pseudo-psychology which boils down to:
    If you don’t agree with me and don’t put up with my abuse then your crazy.

  • RPCV

    How can she seek a more perfect union when she’s on record as hating America? She wants a more perfect hatred??? She’s pandering……

  • crazylove

    I think one problem online is that people want to engage the most out of touch as possible to imagine they are having some real drama. Honestly RPCV are trolls. Why are you arguing with them? It’s a little like arguing with someone with a mental disorder or someone who is durnk? Would you do that? Maybe you would. But the reality is that you aren’t having a conversation. You aren’t going to convince RPCV to not be fucke din the head by talking to him. He doesn’t understand conversation or reason. This is something that I recently had discussed with this woman at work because she kept arguing with this guy whom we had to fire. We had to fire him because he was so obviously fucked in the head. It wasn’t even that he was conservative. It was that he would say shit like he hoped Kennedy would die from his brain cancer just to provoke people. That’s RPCV– I can only guess you enjoy arguing with people to engage such “thinkers.” This person at work to claimed how bright he was because read this or that book. What he really represented was a nutcase who couldn’t get anyone to listen unless they were stupid enough to do so.

  • Mr C

    I have a few responses here,

    RPCV said: When she’s on record as hating America?
    Actually girl get it right she said “For the First time in my life I’m proud of my country”
    Well your boy McInsane is on record and tape saying he didn’t LOVE I REPEAT LOVE America until he came back from getting his arms broke and getting ass beat in Nam……Don’t take my word for it well see for yourself
    So your point is?????

    Paul said: she’s a fucking cunt and her husband is a total prick. Well is your Mother one? Afterall you came from a cunt. And where is your Father?

    Bill Perdue said: That’s why Democrats and Republicans like (Obama) junked the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill after it passed both Houses of Congress. Like Obama, ALONE????
    Okay did McCain vote for this legislation also????? Let’s click and see

    And as for Churchychicken GIRLS she suck more Black dick than a Black person….BITTER WITTER FAG! All this Black Supremacy is in your mind girl so see a shrink and find out why I can’t get over the HillBilly Blues.

  • ProfessorVP

    What would you call a candidate for President from a major party who endorses full marriage equality in the year 2008? Answer: An idiot who doesn’t care if he loses.

    Obama knows that before he accomplishes anything, he has to get elected. There is no question in my mind he is really for marriage equality, but cannot say it. But he- like John Edwards- dropped a trail of hints about how he really feels. Newsflash: McCain is really for marriage equality also. One time I saw him on TV and he goofed– he forgot he was against it until his handler stepped in and reminded him.

  • Bob

    Fredo, Obamatons is a common reference to Obama’s followers, much as Hillerites is a reference to Hillary’s backers. Read into it what you like.

    And some of you do treat Obama as though we were a saint, or perhaps even Jesus Christ himself. I’ve never seen anything like it in U.S. politics before. Even Bill Clinton’s followers weren’t as starry-eyed in 1992.

    (Although I am quite pleased so many of his supporters are now swallowing hard and casting some worried looks to and fro having watched and heard Obama finally give some specifics about himself and his positions, and they’re certainly not very liberal or even centrist. But hey, he’s a wonderful public speaker though, isn’t he?)

  • fredo777

    Yeah. Right.

    Whether or not “Obamatons” is a commonly used reference, it’s still name-calling (due to its negative connotation). But, fleh. “Sticks + stones,” as they say.

    As for the “starry-eyed” supporters, there might be more where Obama is concerned than there were for Billy Cee b/c Obama is not only speaking to their concerns; he’s (arguably) more charismatic in doing so.

    St. Obama, Obama the Rock Star, Or Santy-F()^#%n’-Claus. Whatever you call him, doesn’t really bother me. I’m aware that he’s not perfect. Most humans have that problem. Still, I happen to think the man is pretty awesome.

  • Mr C

    Too bad your Bob your boy McInsane would like to attacked a country so he can win. Goes to show you where he stands as well.

    Us Obama supporters are not worried at all. And if he loses we will remember this in 2012 if Hillary dares to attempt again and we will sink her ship.

    O in 08′

  • Kris Marsh

    Gays need to learn a little patience and understanding of the way things work. Aiming for a national gay marriage law at this point will mean a total loss for us. Only by making incremental gains at the state level, and non-marriage levels, will we acclimate the public to the coming reality of gay marriage. As more states adopt some form of partnership rights and the sky doesn’t fall, opposition will grow weaker. It is also true that is more difficult to take something away than it is to refuse to give it in the first place. (try it with a lollypop and a 2 year old.) When enough critical mass is established, even the Supreme Court is likely to step in and end DOMA, and perhaps even equalize marriage laws nationwide. The likely outcome of too aggressive a stance at this point is a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage nationwide. Once so enshrined, it might take decades to regain the ground we have won already.

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