Are Haggard Hooker's Pants On Fire?

Mike Rogers Calls Mike Jones Out!

Damn, girl! Super homo-journo Mike Rogers called The Bulldog Bill Feingold Show the other night to get to the – um – bottom of Mike Jones‘ Larry Craig allegations. Jones, who’s been following the Craig scandal for over a year, thinks Jones made the whole thing up. Here’s our favorite part:

Rogers: You’ve intimated tonight that you’ve had sex with him…I’m the guy who first reported on him in October of 2006, and I’m the guy that’s been all over the media about Larry Craig…and I’m ready to ask you…You’ve said the guy’s a hypocrite. You have acknowledged for the American people the value in doing this for hypocrites and I applaud you for what you did…and you’ve acknowledged that Larry Craig is a hypocrite… So let’s let it out: Did you do him, or not?”

Jones: I don’t know who you are.

Rogers: You didn’t sleep with Larry Craig and I think what you’re doing is, you’re trying to get some juice here, Mike, for the book…If you did, you would’ve put out the proof.

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Listen to the audio right here: