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Mitt’s Questionable Definition of “Discrimination”

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s strained vocabulary may have reached the breaking point.

The Republican popped into Meet The Press yesterday, where Tim Russert grilled him on his ever-wavering political positions. Romney’s visible discomfort does nothing to dissuade Russert from delving deep into Romney’s gay-rights flip-flop. Mormon Mitt first attempts to derail the interrogation with this knee-slapper:

I don’t believe in discriminating against someone based upon their sexual orientation. And so I would be effective in trying to bring greater recognition of the, of the rights of people not, not to be discriminated against.

The former Massachusetts governor apparently doesn’t consider a constitutional ban on gay marriage “discrimination”.

Russert eschews the obvious marriage conundrum and focuses on the Employment-Non-Discrimination Act, which Romney once endorsed:

MR. RUSSERT: You said that you would sponsor the Employment Nondiscrimination Act. Do you still support it?

GOV. ROMNEY: At the state level. I think it makes sense at the state level for states to put in provision of this.

MR. RUSSERT: Now, you said you would sponsor it at the federal level.

GOV. ROMNEY: I would not support at the federal level, and I changed in that regard because I think that policy makes more sense to be evaluated or to be implemented at the state level. And let me describe why.

MR. RUSSERT: So you did–you did change.

GOV. ROMNEY: Oh, Tim, if you’re looking for someone who’s never changed any positions on any policies, then I’m not your guy. I, I do learn from experience. If you want someone who doesn’t learn from experience, who stubbornly takes a, a position on, on a particular act and says, “Well, I’m never changing my view based on what I’ve learned,” that, that doesn’t make sense to me.

What we don’t understand is how Romney, who earlier in the episode said God doesn’t see difference, can keep a straight face while spouting this right wing bullshit. And, what’s more, how anyone can support a man who claims not to believe in discrimination, but then says gay people don’t deserve federal protection.

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