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Model Zander Hodgson’s explicit gay scene shocks “Ray Donovan” viewers

We admit: We haven’t seen a single episode of Showtime’s Ray Donovan… but we’re going to change all that tonight. By watching one scene.

The show revolves around Liev Schreiber’s Hollywood “fixer,” who makes powerful industry people’s problems “disappear,” if you catch our hardboiled, gritty gist.

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But that’s not important right now.

The most recent episode features British model Zander Hodgson in a sling with a come-hither look that all but screams: “Forgo the check, big boy, and use direct deposit instead.”


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  • carver.robertd

    Lose the Speedos, dude!

  • awdjeep

    Hmmm, where’s the sling? I see no sling. Is there another clip we are missing?


    I thought it was an homage to Careless Whisper or Duran Duran

  • Jaxton

    Yawn. Honestly, I’ve seen 10 x more explicit stuff on the internet.

  • Mike

    Zander is a very good wonderful young man. I have talked with him on Instagram and he is a gentlemen with a powerful mind. I do not think he is gay and I had hope he would not go this direction. With that said I hope that all who see this clip please understand that he wants to be an actor. Please accept this post as only love toward him. Thank you, Mike Johnson. Dallas, Texas

    • Josh447

      You may be a bit swooned…

    • ChrisK

      After you said I’m your # 1 fan you should’ve asked him to let you suck his dick for say a $1,000 so you can get it over with Mike.

    • Mike

      Josh, thank you. Yes, I would go to bed with him in a second. No, he would not. Would you object if I said your response “a bit immature”. We in the gay community sometime like to linger on sex “all the time”.

      Chris, please see above. You seem to know more about “whoring” than I. Have you even ever seen 1,000? ignorance.

    • Josh447

      You can say it but you seem to be the romantically overwhelmed fantasizing school girl in this case.

    • Mike

      Josh, I’m smitten by allot of people. I can say one thing that applies to this conversation. lmao.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    ummmm, that one strange looking sling there, guys.

  • willward

    This write-up fails to mention that the gay “bar” where this scene takes place is called “The Fist” and Ray sneers when he sees the entrance and the name. Inside there are several other people getting ready to have activities, maybe one guy getting a blow job. But no fisting there.

  • duje_buric

    from the anathomical point of view, this looks sooo wrong. It looks like the guy is penetrating his spinal cord and not the ass. soooo lame. its lika cheap soft porn!!!

    • Mike

      agree, the scene is so bad if you are looking for someone getting it in the ass.

  • OzJosh

    This is just sad. Ray Donovan is one of the most superbly written, produced and acted shows on TV, and the only thing that warrants attention from Queerty is a rather tame scene in some kind of sex club. Never mind that Ray Donovan is not in any way a prurient show, and that it deserves kudos for sensitive handling of one of its central stories – the sexual abuse of all three Donovan boys at the hands of a Catholic priest.

    • inbama

      Absolutely correct, Oz.

  • da90027

    Looked to me more like he was doing his income taxes than getting it. LOL I think Ive seen TV commercials more arousing.

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