More Anti-Gay Action For Tennessee Man

Neal Anthony didn’t have a very relaxing weekend.

For the eighth time in a year, the Tennessee-based man found his farm assaulted by anti-gay agitators, who hit the side of his barn with some distasteful epithets. We reported on an earlier attack last June.

While Anthony’s repeatedly contacted the police, he claims they’re disinterested in solving – or stopping – the crimes:

Just as he’d done many times before, Anthony notified the Warren County Sheriff’s office on Friday morning about the hate crime. Two investigators came out and Anthony said they looked around, told him they took some finger prints and then left.

His partner also notified the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), but Anthony said he had little faith that much would be done to catch the criminals.

“They’ve not done much up till now,” he said. “This is a small rural area. You know that people know who’s doing this. I think if they wanted to find out who was doing this and put a stop to it, they could.”

Of the hateful messages, Anthony’s most disturbed by “Dorothy In Hell.” No, it’s not a reference to Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, but a nasty note about his mother, who died last year. Classy!

A local news station covered the story and, for some reason, coppers didn’t return their call for comment. Queer, no?