More HX Blood Shed…

Less than a month since axing the majority of their sale’s staff, HX Media’s at it again, this time trimming down their Expo Division.

In case you’re not in the gay media mix, the Expo Division used to be Consolidated Management Associates – a name that got scrapped once HX Media merged with gay publishing giant, Window Media. Regardless of title, the division has spent the last nine years organizing the freaktastic Gay Life Expo and the pervtastic Gay Erotic Expo.

What’s more notable about this case is the fact that HX Founder Matthew Bank fired a man named Steven Levenberg: a nice Jewish boy who’s spent the last nine years toiling for Matthew Bank and his bank account.

The yet-to-be updated Gay Life website celebrates Levenberg:

Steven Levenberg, COO of HX Media LLC, has 15 years experience producing business and consumer expos and events. Dubbed the “master of the gay and lesbian marketing” by Crain’s New York Business, Steven Levenberg has guided the launch and subsequent success of the Gay Life Expo, Gay Erotic Expos, Gay Travel Expo, and the Gay Life Film Festival in various cities throughout the world during his tenure at HX Media LLC. He was instrumental in developing the first consumer show for people with aids and a special event for seniors.

He may have worked his tail off, but apparently it wasn’t enough. Rumor has it this year’s Gay Life Expo didn’t live up to expectations and, in fact, lost a bit of cash.

Another employee, Jerry Beersdorf, got let go as well. Beersdorf only just started at HX a few months ago, taking over for another, anonymous employee who got canned for meeting johns during business hours. If only Bank and friends had known earlier – they could have asked for a cut.

And, yes, we know some of you “don’t care” about gay media news, but Levenberg’s more than just news. His work at HX Media- and at rival RDP before – helped create a space the one-armed fag, the bearded drag queen and the aging homo guido could call their own. Sure, it may be a bit nerdie and may seem a bit frivolous, but we’ve no doubt his work helped people. Not us…but, you know…people.

So, what does this mean for the expo division? We don’t know. We tried asking an insider, but he just cried into the phone. Seriously. He was bawling. You know things are bad when a New York City gay media type lets their emotions go…

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