Morning Goods: Chris Evans

We couldn’t resist posting Chris Evans, the smoking hot actor from The Fantastic Four and Cellular.

Yes, you’ve probably seen him on other sites before, but we don’t care: we can’t imagine anyone more suited for the chronological nightmare that is Wednesday. It’s the hump day, see, and we want to hump Chris Evans. Perfect.

More of him, after the jump.







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  • Jonathon

    Yes, yes, yes…. a real man! Thanks, guys!

    Muscles, hairy chest, beard stubble….. yum.

  • MDThom

    I agree with Jonathon…finally a real man.

  • RSL

    Sigh. Chris Evans. I could just nibble on those lips all day. But that ass and abs are calling my name too.

  • jack e. jett

    i wish he would come out (of those jeans).

    today would be a great day for dennis hastert to come out.


  • brandon


  • Lola Kuntz

    YUM, YUM…just finished licking my monitor. Loves the hairy chest !!!!

  • OK

    Oh, my. What a lovely man. Yummy.

  • Eric

    What’s with the third picture? He looks like he is getting a blow job.

  • Eric

    Actually it is the fourth picture…my bad

  • sexyr

    oh my god there is a god! and her name is chris evans!!! and finally the queerty boys are waking up to sexy AND legal – now if only our boys in DC could learn to love real men…

  • ggreen

    You can find this one mincing around Crunch on Sunset Blvd. WEHO M-F. You won’t find him on the scary rides at Disneyland…he doesn’t meet the height requirement.

  • Steven

    What is behind the intense passion that gay men feel when they are compelled to define what a “real man” is? The not subtle implication being that if you are young or thin or smooth or Asian or the least bit effeminate in manner or dress, then you are not a REAL MAN, therefore not acceptable to all these REAL gay men. And god forbid if you are more than one of those. It honestly sounds no different to me than the type of homophobic language that jocks in my high school used. “Look, I may be a fag, but at least I agree with you guys that all these nelly queens make me sick. Can I join your frat now?”

  • Ben

    To Steven- you made a very persuasive argument…indeed!

  • sexyr

    Steven – yes, you are right, and at the same time the reaction against previous morning goods guys were that they often looked underage, were almost never non-white (heaven forbid Asian), and represtned the M.Foley/Abercrombie ideal of twink. It’s not like we’ve ever had a morning goods flamer, fyi, as far as I know, not even Jake Shears or Rupert Everitt. And since it is all about objectification anyway, i’d rather objectify an adult straight man – they deserve it as payback

  • ButtPuff

    Geez Steven lighten up. Living in Weho Cal means never seeing a man with an ounce of hair on his chest until you hit east of Vermont Blvd. Nothing like the boys to objectify themselves more than any other facet of our society. Quite frankly I think little of ‘men’ who spend most of their day tweezing, waxing, plucking and working out. Pretty much solidifies our narcissistic li’l ghetto.

  • Ryan

    There’s something about that first picture that I just can’t get over. His nipples look like they came out of one of those cheesy gay porn cartoons. Do they look cartoonishly oversized to anyone else?

  • Joshua

    Blah blah blah and something about “I just wanna eat him up!”
    come on.


  • dhruv

    Oh now we are talking!!
    oh love him!!

    i am so hot right now!!
    and should go to the meeting right away!!
    now this is what we call gay tourture!!


  • Wayne

    up one side and down the other and back again for seconds….just too HOT!!!!!!!!

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    It is never okay to lie, sometimes okay to lie

  • horny milf

    I’ve just been staying at home doing nothing, but pfft. Today was a total loss, but oh well. I’ve pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning.

  • Ass Picture

    People are too strict on other people

  • Spambots

    I haven’t been up to much lately. So it goes. What can I say? I’ve just been letting everything wash over me recently, not that it matters. I just don’t have much to say these days.

  • fucked sleep

    Babysitters younger than 16 years should be forbidden

  • cruiser

    damn, pics no longer available for viewing ;(

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