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  • Troy

    Today’s Morning Goods really should be renamed Morning Wood! THANK YOU QUEERTY! And what a great porn star name… Nick Youngquest… PERFECTION!

  • Antonio MAGALHAES


  • fredo777


  • Paul

    Where are the gay men on gay magazine covers?

  • Woof

    Oh hells yes…The one of him sitting on the edge of the tub…YUM.


    Love me some rugby ass cheeks! It seems such male bonding friendly sport when compared to others.

    Wish it would catch on here on the States.

  • Darth Paul

    Churchill-y’s totally on target, for once. MORE SCRUMMY CHEEKS!

  • Lost

    That last pic of him and his shaft…really hot and sexy.

  • mark

    THIS is why bandwidth was created….LOL

    click save…repeat, repeat repeat

  • Nitesurf

    I hate tattoos on guys, but damn, what a body he has.

  • antonadam

    It takes leather balls to play rugby!

    I am not a big fan of tats either, Nitesurf, but agree with you — he is hot.

  • BilllyBob Thornton

    Yea he is HOT! And I think it’s great he is at ease with himself to pose for a gay mag. However, I am torn between thinking it’s ok for a straight man to be featured in a magazine over a gay or bi man. Part of me thinks it’s great, that it shows the world that it’s ok to be comfortable for straight men to be admired by other men and it makes being gay or bi more acceptable. Yet the other part of me wonders that it makes gay or bi men appear to be less desirable than straight men and if it reinforces the ‘phobes fears that every gay man is after him……just me thinking….as I go back and admire the amazing body of Nick some more!!!!

  • Andy

    This guy is pure sex appeal. Hot, sensual physicality. Hands down.

    BY the way #2 – “He looks like he fell in laundry bleach” what is that supposed to mean? Would you say someone is too dark? I doubt it.

  • Alan down in Florida

    This man looks like the whole package. Now if we could just get a clear look at what’s inside his package I’d be in heaven.

  • afrolito

    This guy is HOT in every way!

    DNA should be renamed WMO though. Hitler would approve.

  • Andy

    (Another Andy). I think it’s great, and very good for ‘the gay cause’, that there are straight men like this who feel comfortable appearing in gay magazines. And remember, a recent DNA cover featured Matthew Mitcham.

  • afrolito

    How is the “gay cause” advanced by another straight dude on the cover of a gay magazine (something that has been happening for years btw)??

  • rayrayj

    I could not possibly care less whether he is gay or straight, I’m never going to have the opportunity to have sex with with him. The fact that he is okay posing for a magazine that targets gay men, and therefore must be okay with the idea that men are going to look at his photos as they touch themselves, is enough for me. Gotta go look at his photos some more now–Damn this man is good lookin’.

  • Jack Scribe

    Yowsah! Nick’s manscaping and hit of serious sausage is quite nice.

  • rayrayj

    oops. I don’t knowhow that happened.


    Those legs!!! He is absolute perfection! Hhhhmmm!!

  • huh?

    He can get between me and my calvins any time he likes.

  • M Shane

    He looks like a ruby player I remember so well.
    Interestingly some straight (ish)guys are narcisistic enough to love being worshiped. If they love them selves they are usually at least bi. At least he knows what’s good.

  • Suburban

    I don’t knwow what else I can add here but this must be the best morning goods in weeks. I don’t mind the tats, he’s really cute, beautiful body, and is it just me or can you see his dick under his hand. And I hear David Beckham is hot?

  • Ray

    i can’t find anything wrong with him, but he doesn’t do it for me. he’s very handsome though.

  • M Shane

    Scandinavian, from his name. That explains the lightness which is Ok.

  • Lee

    What an absolutely beautiful looking man…..he is now in europe playing for a French rugby league team…..our loss down here in Oz….
    Wow…….just checked out that Gods Of Football calendar…HOT

  • cruiser

    @Suburban: yes that is exactly what you get a glimpse of, and boy does he have the equipment. Now imaging e him & David Beckham together naked(full view of course)there is a fantasy waiting to happen. This guy is so totally HOT.

  • cruiser

    This man is freakin HOT despite the tats, in fact they sort of add to his overall sex appeal(that’s rare), this man should be a sculpture somewhere in a museum as he practically embodies male beauty & perfection. Those last three shots of him…what can I say?!
    Nice job on finding this one, now all you need to do is to get him & David Beckham together for a Morning Goods “layout” be still my beating heart!!

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