My Son The Dressmaker

One of the things that I remember most about my maternal grandmother is that she loved to sew.  And, she was damn good at it.  Like, she could whip up a prom dress if you needed one at the last minute and she made more quilts than our family knew what to do with.  You only need so many blankets when you live in Southern California.

As a child, I remember playing with her rainbow-colored, plastic-headed pins and produce-inspired pincushion.  I’d imagine that they were tiny gum balls clinging to a giant red tomato with a strawberry repelling down the side to safety.

My grandmother would have let me help with the actual sewing, but it just wasn’t my thing.  Her talents, creativity and never-ending patience were lost on me; but C.J. would have loved her.

My mother, Nana Grab Bags, loves to sew and her and C.J. have been spending a lot of time in her sewing room lately.  They started out using fabric glue and Stitch Witchery on their creations.  Now, they have moved on to C.J. draping fabric on himself and Nana Grab Bags pinning it.  Then, she carefully removes it and sews it just the way it had been pinned.  My son cries as if he’s been assaulted when he gets a small splinter or scrapes his knee playing outside, but if he gets poked or scratched by pins while draping and sewing he doesn’t bat an eye.  Instead, he tells me that it’s okay.

My mother offers her style suggestions and they discuss design.  But, ultimately, it’s C.J. decision and Nana Grab Bags gladly obliges.

C.J. recently designed his own dress.  Brace yourself, because it’s a lot to take in.  All fabric, accouterments and placement were C.J.’s decision.

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  • Sammy Schlipshit

    Get ready Project Runway….there’s a great contestant headed your way.

  • Moncrief

    That’s awesome! What a great way to spend time together.

  • mpwaite

    That made me smile… Nana is TOPS for recogizing the talent in this young boy,and for letting him express it….

  • Ruhlmann

    This kid is really lucky to have all the significant adults in his life be so accepting and open to his expression.

  • Dixie Rect

    I refuse to believe any of this. Nana was ok with this? I think not. But, then again, CJ and his ‘mother’ are a complete farce too. Its creative writing 101. Bad creative writing at that! Fiction, pure fiction.

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