Mystery Woman Serves As NYC’s First Openly Trans Fire Fighter

Brooke is a tall, blonde, third-generation firefighter who currently works at the Fire Department of New York and who recently came out to The New York Post as the city’s first openly transgender FDNY employee. That’s great—especially in a 11,000 person department that’s 91 percent white male. But that’s almost everything we know about Brooke. Why so much mystery around such a groundbreaking figure?

Naturally, Brooke did not want her full name published in The Post as to avoid harassment from close-minded people—understandable considering that a few of her own co-workers refer to her as “it.” We’re happy that Brooke has shared her story and showed that women and transgender people can make strong, capable firefighters as well. And if she ever comes out publicly, then we’ll really have something to get fired up about.

Image via Jason Rojas