Ne-Yo Craves Gay Gossip

Ne-Yo loves the homos, especially when they say he’s a gay. The 24-year old R&B crooner has long been dogged by queer rumors. While some people would fight them tooth and nail, Ne-Yo’s embraced them. In fact, he credits all the sissie speculation for boosting his career.

Though he claims to be straight, young Ne-Yo understands the urge to gossip:

For one, I’m an R&B singer, so that’s one strike against me anyway. I’ve never been the thuggish dude. This is the way I look at it now. For one, you’re nobody ’til they think you’re gay – that’s the truth of the business. Two? You really gotta take the good with the bad.

“I was having a conversation with my management and the label, and they said, ‘We’ve really got to get you out in public more because after they say you’re a great songwriter, what else is there to say? Nobody knows anything about your lifestyle.’ I think that’s why the gay thing was so easy to believe, because it was one of the only things that came out about me that didn’t have to do with music.

So, if all the gay rumors helped sell all them albums, does that mean the queers get a cut?