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Neal Boulton’s An Every Gay

Married man lover and new Genre editor Neal Boulton sums up his sexual self:

I have passed through every letter of our…acronym GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender]…The ‘B’ issued me two stunning children, but I stopped at ‘T’ because I gotta admit, operations scare me. As for the ‘L’ – as a Harley rider – I am still turned on by a tough chick on a hot bike.

Perhaps ‘S’ should be fit in there somewhere…

In response to last week’s Genre Gets A New Look,” a lady Queerty reader left us this note:

Neal Boulton is an opportunist, no, a character actor, who is ‘playing’ the gay community, so that he can claim with yet another successful magazine relaunch to his resume. The truth is that Jann Wenner was not Neal Boulton’s biggest secret, nor is the fact that he sleeps with men, it’s THE FACT that that he continues to sleep with tons of women, as he has throughout his entire marriage. I am only one of many who know. The only thing going for Neal Boulton is that he is a great lay!

Well, that’s more than a lot of gays can say.

Of course, Boulton prefers to discard the labels all together. He tells us,

Can’t a gay guy dig a hot chick once in awhile? Hell, can’t a straight guy tap a hot boy here and there? Fuck labels–just live! Hell, I don’t think the Kinsey scale has enough numbers for me.

We’ve got no doubt, Boulton.

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