How does the Nepalese army measure a “real” woman? Tits and inferior abilities, apparently. Two unidentified women allege military men arrested and fired them for being lesbians due to their small chests.

One woman, a 22-year old, claims she excelled during training, leading some of her comrades to label her a tranny. A natural reaction, of course.

This young woman’s situation grew even more perilous when she turned down prospective lovers’ advances, particularly that of another woman, she says. Distraught over the discrimination, the woman informed her superiors. Obviously not the most just people, the army men invaded the woman’s room and arrested her and a young trainee, who had been staying in the room. After being locked in solitary confinement for 45 days, the women were released only to be dismissed for “a serious breach of discipline”. Of her sacking, the older woman remarks: “They dismissed me simply on the basis of an allegation. They had no proof that I was doing anything in violation of regulations.”

Nepalese gay activist Sunil Pant, president of Blue Diamond Society, also released a statement:

Even if they were lesbians, Nepal’s constitution doesn’t allow discrimination in government jobs on the basis of sexual orientation. It is disgusting that someone can be accused of being a lesbian or transgender just because she doesn’t have breasts.

Nepal’s coalition government has never put a premium on logic. Aside from attempting to baN an Elton John AIDS Foundation-backed AIDS program, Maoist leaders have also called for “sexual cleansing”. Note to self: don’t visit Nepal.

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