‘Next’ Bites Back At ‘HX’

Oh no! There’s a fag rag war brewing in New York!

You may recall this morning’s post in which HX editor Brandon Voss celebrated his magazine’s Black Party issue by trashing the competition, Next Magazine. Said Voss:

We really liked what Next Magazine did for their Black Party Fashion issue this year, but for ours—which is traditionally out the week directly before Black Party, so that it’s still available when out-of-town Black Party revelers begin streaming in—we chose to focus on the “youth” aspect of this year’s “Dangerous Black Party for Boys” theme.

Well, Brandon’s bitchery may have been premature.

A Next staffer emailed us this afternoon, insisted he didn’t want to start any trouble, but then offered an unsolicited jab: “Brandon’s statement about our black party issue is so lame, because we do TWO issues on it, the first one is fashion and the one out today is on the party ‘proper’ with a young party-goer mindset.” (They also did a special field guide with merit badges, which we can only imagine require feats of inhuman flexibility.)

So, to recap, HX and Next are mad at each other, but had the same idea: strapping down twinks. Why do we need two of these things again?


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  • Destiny

    Caught off guard at the Black Party?
    The Guide must contain what to do in the event you are seen in white underwear?
    What and how many gallons of water you should be consuming.
    Navigating towards the nearest medical facility in the event your drugs catch you off guard.
    What do you if your lover is approached on the dancefloor by a drug-crazed dancer seeking a threeway.
    The perils of the Black Party are many. Thank God for this Guide.

  • Jake

    And who cares? I thought this is a blog for all of us – not just lame New Yorkers. Queerty is so obvious a local blog

  • leomoore

    Golly Gee! They sure do funny things in the big city.

    I wonder if the hotels’ staffs are thrilled cleaning various bodily fluids and nonfluids and all the various toys and chemicals that are forgotten by departing revelers especially since the party goers probably don’t leave tips.

  • Brandon Voss

    I really wasn’t being bitchy about Next or trashing the competition – I think what I said might’ve been taken the wrong way! I started the post by saying I liked their issue, and was just stating a fact as to why our BP Fashion Issue came out a week later than theirs, in case anyone was wondering. I promise I wasn’t trying to start any trouble. I think both of Next’s BP issues are awesome. Kudos, guys. No hard feelings. Hey, reading about all the drama in gay media, we should all just be happy that we have jobs to go to every day. Kisses!

  • gregg

    No matter what you say Brandon – Andrew and Queerty and the ass hole staff will always take things out of context and fuck up quotes.

  • JohnnyR

    Yep Gregg…Queerty only cares about bashing anything HX and Genre related…poor deluded bitter jaded Andrew…he can’t let his HX hatred go and it just makes him look sad and sorry

  • hells kitchen guy

    Gracious response, Brandon – good for you! Gee, the Black Party brings out the bitchy in everybody. Let’s all take a breath, a bump and meet like girl friends on the dance floor, okayyyyyy?

  • James

    It’s just a big party right? Take it easy peoples. No one needs to be harmed when talking about the Black Party (unless you man is making plans that don’t include you!). Everyone just have a good time.

  • Steve

    I must object to the use of “Boy Scout” images to illustrate the article. I know that some gay men have fantasies about boy scouting themes, and that some (perhaps many) gay men used to be boy scouts. But the vast majority of boy scout leaders, including those who are gay, are good, honorable and decent men. By using such images, the magazine only reinforces negative, hateful stereotypes.

  • Bobby Blair

    Next Magazine sucks!

  • sooobusted

    All bar rags suck.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Steve: Get over it. The Boy Scout imagery is ironic. Got that? Ironic. Not literal. Jesus.

  • um...

    I think it is unfair to say all gay bar rags sucks. Sucking sucks. No, sucking really sucks and gay bar rags aren’t really as utilitarian as sucking to suck – therefore, they just exist merely to facilitate sucking. It is easy to misconstrue promotion of sucking for the act of sucking itself. I mean, if they sucked, I would probably like them more. Which I don’t. Which sucks.

  • WillieHewes

    Can I just say that the ropework in neither of these pictures is even remotely convincing? They’re supposed to be boyscouts? Screw that, boyscouts are taught how to tie knots.

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