Nine ACT UP Protestors Arrested For Blocking Street, Chanting “End Aids, Tax Wall Street”

ACT UP teamed up with Occupy Wall Street to stage a big protest yesterday in lower Manhattan’s Financial District.

The results: nine protesters chained themselves together to block Broadway near Wall Street, wore Robin Hood outfits, and chanted the slogan “End AIDS, tax Wall Street.” Oh, and then they got arrested (see above)!

ACT UP is suggesting a small tax on speculative trading that would equal billions in extra government revenue, which they want to put toward AIDS research.

Also on the scene was‘s intrepid reporter Mike Diamond, who talked with some of the crazy characters on the scene. He and an ACT UP rep came up with a novel plan to punish Wall Street: cannibalize them!

“You know, they are fat and grisly, they got some meat up on them,” jokes Diamond. Says the ACT UP dude: “I think it’s time for them to give, and give, and keep giving.”