Gay glossy Genre finds itself immersed in scandal once again.

The New York-based monthly recently released an issue examining long-term relations. The cover, as you can see, shows two hunky men who are presented as a couple. An astute reader, however, informs us that one of the models, Julian Fantechi, once appeared in Playgirl and, in fact, likes ladies. Writes the reader:

Inside the magazine, they are stripped down, appear to be into each other, and are allegedly, discussing their physical relationship, emotional, sexual and spiritual relationship. This is not reality, here!!!!! The guy on the left is Playgirl‘s Man of the Year. The link is to his website and his Inside Hollywood interviews. He even puts Genre on his resume.

Fantechi also appeared on a recent episode of Ugly Betty.

We asked EIC Neal Boulton and publisher William Kapfer to explain their gay selves….

Kapfer used his wordage to defend the magazine’s honor and so-called prestige,

Playgirl is a very successful publication.- in business for over 30 years The book’s demographic composition overlap’s with ours on many levels – and having an opportunity to share a celebrity cover model, speaks to the caliber of product Genre is producing for its readers.

Boulton, meanwhile, offered a more detailed – and potentially damning – explanation:

When I first saw Julian in a copy of Playgirl I had originally wanted to put him on the cover of Men’s Fitness–but my being into him would have been too obvious for my more conservative (people I sensed as homophobic) superiors. Before I had become it’s EIC, I was way out at work, but upon being granted with the title, I decided to keep it a bit more quiet. The people who knew me, and many who didn’t, knew my deal.

But hetero’ing up Men’s Fitness from it’s very gay Weider roots seemed very VERY important to the folks I worked for. If something were too gay, I’d hear about it. Around that time though, I kept thinking about launching a new gay magazine out of sheer frustration that I had to keep my private life so fucking under wraps as the Editor In Chief of “a (formerly gay) major American men’s magazine” within the corporate culture in which I worked EVEN THOUGH MY MAGAZINE STILL HAD A HUGE GAY FOLLOWING.

When I finally arrived at Genre, I just had to use cute Julian on one of my covers. Look, he’s a model, and he looks like an everyday guy next to another everyday guy. Sort of hot to me (yeah, he’s straight, but straight guys are so fun to…let me stop). The idea was to use these hot boys to sell a bigger idea that I feel is very possible–longevity in relationships… The cover article I use these boys to sell tips for guys who may want to experience the same.

We’re sorry, but Fantechi is not an “everyday guy”. He’s a model, but ever…

In related news, our sources tell us that Genre‘s sales team walked out. This MediaBistro posting confirms.

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