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#NoFlyList videos of alleged MAGA supporters being arrested on airplanes are going viral

Videos of what appear to be MAGA supporters being kicked off airplanes and/or arrested in airports around the country have started popping up on social media. And, folx, there a tons of them…

While it’s not clear who the people are in these videos or whether they have any connection the last week’s insurrection, it seems the internet can’t get enough. The videos quickly garnered millions of views and pretty soon hashtags like #NoFlyList and #TerroristTears were trending.

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According to Snopes, “while videos show people who were removed from flights for being unruly or refusing to wear a mask, these people were not added to the FBI’s terrorist no-fly list.”

And now, the responses…

In the mood for a few more #NoFlyList videos? Alright, fine…

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UPDATE: A previous version of this story suggested the travelers being arrested were participants in the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Snopes has since pointed out that some of these videos have been miscaptioned and are actually anti-maskers being removed from planes. We regret any misunderstandings, but the videos are too good not to enjoy still.

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