Now For What Really Matters: Which Republican Candidate Has The Sexiest Son?

Jon Huntsman and his smokin’ hot wife, Mary Kaye, have cooked up a family that is hotter than a seven piece from KFC. I can’t say it’s really surprising since Mrs. Huntsman and her hubby would totally be homecoming king and queen if this primary were more like high school and less like… okay, so primaries do mirror the dramatic politics of high school.

Though Huntsman usually brings his three pretty daughters—Liddy, Abby, and Mary Anne—on the road with him, it’s really Jon III, 20, and Will, 18, who are the secret weapons here. Doesn’t the younger Jon (right) look like a Kennedy? Hubba hubba! And doesn’t Will look sort of like a hybrid of gay porn stars Brandon Bangs and Riley Price?  I swear I’m not saying that because I just watched them in To F**k a Predator this morning.

Images via Jon Huntsman