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Oh look, a new antigay hate group rears its ugly head


How did you celebrate International Human Rights Day? If you have an undeveloped sense of irony, perhaps you spent it as Brian Brown did: working to undermine human rights all around the world.

You might remember Brian as the potatoey head of the National Organization for Marriage. Ever since it was clear that NOM had totally failed in its mission, he’s been re-arranging deck chairs in a panic, trying to justify the hundreds of thousands of dollars he makes trying/failing to block marriage in the US.

Well, now he’s hit on a clever scheme: set up a little shell game where he can continue to solicit money forever, in defense of what he calls “family.” Of course, your family doesn’t count as a family. Only the kinds of families he likes are real families.

This weekend Brian announced the formation of a new group called the International Organization for the Family. He’ll use this little club to scam donors around the world, convincing them that queer couples are a threat and various foreign countries need his protection. Of course, Brian Brown completely failed to accomplish anything of value here in the US, so that doesn’t exactly make his resume sparkle.

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But hey, now he can be an international laughingstock instead of just an American laughingstock!

The IOF has five main projects — one is organizing events around the world through the “World Congress of Families.” Another is a magazine called “The Natural Family” that they’re calling an “academic journal” — but really it isn’t academic or a journal. Then there’s the “Article 16 Initiative,” an effort to twist the UN’s declaration on human rights to exclude queers; and an “Emerging Leaders Program” to foster hate groups around the world.

And finally they want to get two million signatures on a declaration that gays shouldn’t get married. Their deadline: one year. Let’s see how Brian Brown manages to bungle this one.