Oh, You’re Anti-Gay Marriage? Well, You’re A Weak-A** B*tch, Says Joe Rogan

joe-roganFormer Fear Factor host, Newsradio alum and noted hunk of man (see right) Joe Rogan has put my heart in a headlock with his profanity-laced diatribe against homophobes opposed to same-sex marriage, dismissing them simply as “weak-ass bitches.”

On his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan recalls moving from the “incredibly open-minded” haven of San Francisco to Bizarro World’s San Francisco — Florida — and immediately noticing the difference when a friend’s dad got into a tizzy over the incredulous news that “they’re letting fags get married”:

“He was mad. He was throwing the newspaper down. I was 11 and I was like, what a silly man you are. You’re a grown man and this is something that bothers you and concerns you? I remember thinking as an 11-year-old boy, ‘Man, there are some weak-ass bitches out there posing as men.’ Like, you dummy. Why do you care? What, are you a tough guy because you care that two guys want to kiss each other? It’s so stupid. It’s such a dumb thing to get behind.”

Though he’s expressed similar sentiment in similar sentimental fashion — tweeting back in February that “the only people that don’t want gay marriage are stupid or secretly worried dicks are delicious” — Rogan’s an ally of the Alec Baldwin variety. In 2010 he dropped an f-bomb on a Brazilian journalist over some petty bro shit, only to issue an apology replacing “faggot” with “cocksucker.” I’m assuming his hairdresser was unavailable.

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  • avesraggiana

    Too bad he had to fling the Eff-word around. During heated moments, we are all prone to react reflexively in the most verbally inappropriate ways. It will take a long time to train that kind of language out of the minds of straight men, even the most hom-friendly of our straight allies.

  • orcanyc

    Keep up the good work Joe and thanks.

  • Degas

    Need more of an ally? His use of faggot, to mean weak, is exactly why men in pro sports and all walks of life need to come out. Faggot, gay, queer = weak, effeminate, coward, in the straight world. My friends all used to say gay, meaning stupid or silly, until I came out.

    In college, a professor of mine had us list all of the names we could think of for LGBT people. The list was endless, and I must admit, a bit amusing. The class was roaring with laughter. He then had us list all of the names we could think of for straight people. The class came up with two: straight and breeder. The class fell dead silent. It was a profound moment in my life.

  • Ken

    It’s hard to stop people from saying words that offend us, but it is easy to redefine them, so that when they try to give offense, it doesn’t come out that way. What if, say, at the Academy Awards, the emcee called the ruggedly handsome winner a faggot, and the recipient smiled and took it as a compliment?

    I saw an effeminate gay man walking down the street. A man across the street called him a faggot. He [over]acted as if the man were a long-lost friend. He waved cheerfully, said “Hi, I forgot your name. Where did we meet?” and other pleasantries. The other man scurried off.

    This doesn’t work for words that explicitly describe sex acts, though.

  • Cam

    Ok, leaving aside the other stuff….

    His comment that the only people against gay marriage are secretly afraid that dicks are delicious is great! LOL

  • Snapdragon

    UH Excuse me but isn’t this the same Joe Rogan who called Fallon Fox the transsexual MMA fighter every name in the book and said she had NO Business being allowed to beat up on women since he feels she’s a man ? How quick some of you are to pour out the praise on him. If he were a business wouldn’t we be demanding fully acceptances and not just acceptance of part of the LGBT community or is there a double standard I’m now aware of ?

  • yaoming

    Where were f—s getting married when Joe Rogan was 11?

  • Degas

    @Snapdragon: Call him out on THAT issue. There is an insane amount of trans phobia in the gay community. We were always willing to throw the trans community under the bus in order to pass laws to protect us and benefit us. We still do.

  • jimbryant

    San Francisco’s so-called “open-mindedness” doesn’t come from a position of intellect. It comes from a position of apathy. The “do whatever you want to do” ethic of San Francisco is the cause of so much drug abuse and STD’s that rack people in San Francisco.

    The hedonism of San Francisco is not a good basis on which to build a truly open-minded society.

  • LandStander

    @Degas: Yeah, which is why we passed ENDA a long time ago without the inclusion of trans people…oh, wait…

  • boring

    I don’t care what words Joe Rogan uses, positive or negative, the dude doesn’t think the moon landing happened.

  • Tackle

    Wait a minute people, I smell a rat. Something does not add up. We need to be cafeful in heaping praise upon someone just because they are a celebrity , or we find them hot. Joe is 46 yrs old. The incident about his friends father getting upset happened when Joe was 11 yrs old. That would have been 35 yrs ago. What state passed a law that allowed GLBT people to get married 35 yrs ago?? I call bullshit on this story. He’s trying too hard to cater, and be a hero to GLBT people.

  • Degas

    Not sure about the marriage thing, but I wonder if he’s talking about the ceremonies gays have had for years to honor their relationships. I’m not making excuses for him, nor am I heaping praise on him, I just like what he says about gay marriage.

  • jimbryant


    Well said! At last, a poster who actually reads the stories and thinks about the facts of the matter.

  • Degas

    Jimbryant, my son is mid twenties and straight. Believe me, the gays don’t own the hedonism society in which you speak. Perhaps the only difference is, we don’t recognize it, as we are numb to it in our hetero-sexed society.

  • Tackle

    @jimbryant: Thanks. It seems that these days GLBT people are making some damn good Kool-aid .And now, everyone wants to drink it. Well not everyone, but you get what I mean…

  • Rockery

    People already pointed out the math does not add up

    I used to drool over him on Newsradio, still do when I see the reruns

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