Old Enemy Destroys Passover

It’s a sad day to be a Jew:

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers — or at least the last 68 of them?

No Tam Tams.

It’s true. Manischewitz, which manufactures the bite-size matzos, says it has temporarily stopped making them at its plant in Newark, leaving many Jews puzzled and disappointed, and officials of the kosher food company scrambling to explain what went wrong.

And, like so many things in Hebrew history, an oven is to blame. Just terrible.

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  • emfole

    Is that supposed to be funny? shame :(

  • Michael Walker

    Uh, that’s a bit over the line. What’s next, AIDS jokes?

  • Not funny...

    Ok…so, I’m not so sure about the oven comment. Is it an allusion to the ‘ovens’ that were used to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust? The rest of the post is fine. That last sentence is just terrible.

  • Chris

    That’s really tasteless; more so than the typical Israel-bashing and general anti-Semitism that occurs on this site.

    Isn’t Belonksy a Jew? Must be kind of wierd to be a Jewish anti-Semite. He should write a guest spot for Jeremiah Wright’s “Pastor’s Page,” or maybe he can submit a collection of his posts for Iran’s next convention on the Holocaust.

  • Jake

    Are you fucking kidding me with that last line? Gross.

  • rebecca

    oh please. Andrew’s the funniest Jew on the block.

  • mb

    I have to agree, the oven thing is pushing it quite a bit.

  • Sand

    I presume your tacky and stupid comment at the end of that post is a reference to the Holocaust?

    I don’t know what they teach in US high schools, but my gradfather was an Auschwitz survivor and always told me it was Nazis, rather than ovens, which were responsible for the Holocaust.

    If you’re going to try and be funny-offensive, you’re going to have to make a minimal effort to be smart-offensive at the same time, otherwise you’re just lame.

  • An Other Greek

    Chris says:

    “That’s really tasteless; more so than the typical Israel-bashing and general anti-Semitism that occurs on this site.”

    Well, I have not seen this “typical Israel-bashing and general anti-Semitism”, so I’m not sure I agree with the accusation…

    Concerning the post and the line about ovens… Ouch! Very insensitive, and not funny. Made me so uncomfortable, I was motivated to post…


  • Have you lost your mind?

    Scores of gay people were tortured and sent to those ovens, too. That connection, by the way, is the only aspect of this story that makes it germane to this blog.

    To compare the murder of millions to a cracker shortage is despicable. I’m actually embarrassed for you.

  • JCo

    I can always appreciate witty, tasteless, and over the edge comments – I crack them all day. And if you can’t find an audience with your friends, who can you be yourself around?

  • paul

    How disgusting that you even had the thought that what you posted about ovens was remotly funny. Pathetic and shameful….

  • CitizenGeek

    Andrew -Belonsky- is probably a Jew, so it’s okay for him to make jokes like that :)

    Besides, it is pretty funny!

  • kevin57


  • Judas

    Er no. And I hate all religions – even the ones clever enough to mix it up with ethnicity to avoid being ripped apart.

    sadly not funny.

  • thatguyfromboston

    I thought it was just edgy enough for a chuckle followed by a groan. So keep up the humor Andrew. It’s appreciated. btw all of my jewish friends chuckled too.

  • Paul

    It just gets worse and worse. No place for people who actually respect others.

  • foofyjim

    The “oven” joke(?) might have been tasteless, but then so are those matzo crackers! Ha!

    Besides that, I love religions and their fun food hang-ups. It is the great equalizer amongst religions. No fish, no shell fish, no leavening, no pork, no cow, nothing on Fridays, nothing during the day, nothing on specific days, but absolutely necessary things on other specific days. Too much fun!

  • hells kitchen guy

    Thanks for saving me time. I just quit reading Queerty.

  • andrew

    I am a Jew. I do not hate myself. And I still think it’s funny.

  • Kyle

    Completely Inappropriate

  • faghag

    Wow Andrew, you really did it this time!
    Congrats! you have managesd to outdo yourself.
    Now can we have less douchebaggery from you and more news.
    Oh asd I am a Jew too and think that you are way out of line.

  • gloria

    It’s not as tasteless as unleavened bread. *rimshot*

  • amvanman

    That was a sick comment. Really distasteful and what was the motive behind it? A statement of self loathing? A statement designed to keep the Jewish holocaust in our consciousness? People do not make comments like this without some underlying
    agenda, you knew it was not funny when you made it. So why did you?

  • John


    One ‘unfunny’ post can turn people away. Jeez-you guys are flippant.

    I didn’t find it funny but sometimes you have to laugh underneath the sadness.

    Something tells me the people who are outraged on this post, will find the Lebron cover inoffensive.

  • Jono

    black humor

    in literature, drama, and film, grotesque or morbid humor used to express the absurdity, insensitivity, paradox, and cruelty of the modern world. Ordinary characters or situations are usually exaggerated far beyond the limits of normal satire or irony. Black humor uses devices often associated with tragedy and is sometimes equated with tragic farce. For example, Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1963) is a terrifying comic treatment of the circumstances surrounding the dropping of an atom bomb, while Jules Feiffer’s comedy Little Murders (1965) is a delineation of the horrors of modern urban life, focusing particularly on random assassinations. The novels of such writers as Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, Joseph Heller, and Philip Roth contain elements of black humor.

  • GodricGryffindork

    It amazes me what people will find offensive
    there are probably a dozen other posts that are much more offensive than this one

    kudos on taking a risk and making a joke, or is the gay community opposed to jokes now?
    cus if that is the case im pretty sure i better become straight, i love me my jokes

  • alex the sea turtle

    I am a jew and I read this earlier today and thought it was kinda funny.

    You know WW2 was horrible and the concentration campus were horrible. But we have to lighten up a bit. The world is hard and horrible and what are you going to do about it? Are you going to accept and enjoy it and move on or dwell on it and be offended by creative writing and irony.

    Comedy = Tragedy + Time

    Queerty don’t change, this stuff is inventive and creative. Sometimes unpleasant but that’s what makes it art.

  • marcusb

    I recently had the privilege of visiting the Anne Frank Mues. in
    Amsterdam. It really put a face on the holocaust for me. I could feel their spirits when I went into the apt. that they lived in. The comment is not funny, and just because you may be Jewish that makes it okay to say such a thing? It shows a great disrespect for humanity and the tribulations many endure. Maybe we can expect future jokes about Lawrence King or Matthew Shepard, after all, as one poster put it, we need to lighten up. Personally, I have the capacity to be light about those things that are light, and heavy for those things that are heavy. Maybe some people are incapable of that.

  • Dawgson

    My Jewish boyfriend laughed — I don’t know if that gives me permission to find it funny or not.

    Making light of things is one way we cope. It’s why I laugh at 9/11 jokes. It makes things easier to deal with.

  • Yishi Ben-Avraham

    Vile. No excuse. Just vile. If one made a joke about some product being unavailable because of the deaths AIDS has caused in the gay population you would not be laughing. You would be pissing your pants in outrage.

  • Charley

    Can these Manischewitz chips be battered and deep fried ? Ask yourself, what would a black Jesus eat ? Jerimiah Wright wants to know.

  • Charley


  • M Shane

    I thought it was guite funny; I get tired of people who are so politically correct that their brains cramp up. Compulsivity is the hobgoblin of little minds. My bro and sister are both married to jews who would find this funny .
    People speak as if Nazi Germany was the only genocide in history, and should always inspire tears and the tearing out of hair. The U.S genocide in Iraq is over I million now.

  • hells kitchen guy

    M Shane: The war in Iraq is an unmitigated disaster and the Iraqi people are suffering. But to call our involvement “genocide” is cheap, shallow, uninformed and an insult to the true genocides in Nazi Germany in WWI Armenia, in Rwanda.

    Language has meaning. Words have meaning, especially loaded words like “genocide,” “fascist,” “holocaust.” Don’t cheapen them by using them inappropriately.

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