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Olympic gymnast Arthur Nory & his supercute BF just won a gold in their thirst trap game

Arthur Nory (left) posing shirtless with his boyfriend João Otávio Tasso (right), who's also shirtless.

Arthur Nory is used to taking home gold medals.

The Brazilian gymnast recently won the Pan American title in the men’s horizontal bar, but that’s not even the first place finish we’re talking about!

Nory and his boyfriend, hottie João Otávio Tasso, just earned gold in the thirst trap game.

It’s a tough field, with competition around the globe. This might be the couple’s most impressive victory yet!

The key to their triumph was CrossFit and ripped abs.

“One day he goes to the gym and the next I go to CrossFit,” writes Nory in his caption.

It’s apparent that Otávio Tasso, who works as a marketing analyst, has been getting into the CrossFit game. His grid is filled with steamy gym pics.

“Would you have one minute to hear the word about CrossFit?” he writes beneath one of them.

While his body is great — and we mean, great — his smile might be even better.

Look at that adorable grin!

It’s been a banner few months for one of our favorite sporty couples, leading us to wonder if a marriage proposal is next.

Let’s just say their summer photo dump made us sweat like we just came from a CrossFit class ourselves!

“I’d let [you] both end me,” added one particularly thirsty commenter.

To commemorate Pride Month, Otávio Tasso shared a super cute vid celebrating their love for another. The reel doesn’t show them in lavish locations; but rather, living everyday life.

“My life partner, of life ❤️ thank you for agreeing, every day, to share yours with me,” the caption says.

All of this love appears to only be helping Nory on the mat. He cleaned up at the Pan Am Games, taking home a silver medal to pair with his gold.

Winning at the Pan Am Games is a big deal! Nearly 7,000 athletes from 40 different countries competed in Santiago, Chile.

Better yet, Team LGBTQ+ was out in full force. There were at least 12 out athletes at the Games, which is no small feat, considering homosexuality is still illegal in six of the participating nations.

Others, such as the Bahamas, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dominican Republic, have virtually no anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people.

Those details make Nory’s successes even more significant. His presence is important to gay gymnasts around the world.

University of Nebraska captain Sam Phillips, for example, responded to Nory’s gold medal post with two heart emojis.

Earlier this fall, Nory won silver in the high bar final at the 2023 Paris Challenge Cup, an annual tournament featuring many Olympic hopefuls. Nory, who represented Brazil in the Rio and Beijing Games, is gunning for Paris 2024 (he won bronze in the floor exercise at the 2016 Olympics).

Nory’s latest trip to France provided us with the perfect Olympic preview.

Over the summer, Nory also won gold for the floor exercise and silver on the vault at the Brazilian National Gymnastics Championships.

In a recent interview, Nory expressed his love for competition. The heartthrobs effervescence is palpable.

“I love competing. I love being here, and love seeing the other gymnasts competing,” he said. “That makes me so happy.”

Awww! We’re happy when Nory is happy!

Or at least, when he and his bf are sharing post-workout pics. That’s worth even more than a gold medal to us.

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