O’Reilly’s Gay Claim Rings False

For those of you who missed it, here’s gay activist Wayne Besen talking gay with Bill O’Reilly.

The gents squared off on Jay Leno’s gay face scandal, an offense which O’Reilly simply can’t comprehend. The Fox News man goes on to lament the death of diverse comedy:

It looks to me in America that you can’t ever make fun of any minority group. Ever. In any way. Anymore. In this country. I think that’s where we are really. You can make fun of white Christian men. You can make fun of, famous people. But if you make fun of a minority, any minority…

A national tragedy, indeed.

O’Reilly also insists that he would never make fun of a social group. He will, however, fabricate stories about lesbian gangs, decry “gay apartheid,” and generally spread gay panic, all of which are far more incendiary than Jay Leno’s gag.