Erasure are planning a spring release of Union Street, an acoustic album of underrated and forgotten tracks. Some of our faves made the cut. Via Arjan.

• The Manhattan Offender has a message for the ladies. In fashion, that is. Gawker has a different take.

mary j

• We scored a copy of Mary J. Blige’s new album The Breakthrough and it is hot, hot, hot. The diva even sings with and covers U2. Want a taste yourself? Check out Pop Bytes.

• Not a soul that reads this site could win the Mr. Hetero pageant. Of course, we wouldn’t want to either. Rip up copies of Oprah‘s magazine? Heck no. We have them cataloged and stored in airtight bags. They’ll be collector’s items some day, you know.

Brokeback Mountain is released today. Check out Andy’s site within a site dedicated to the gay cowboy film. It’s the virtual equivalent to this shrine to Paris Hilton. And are we bad gays to want to see The Chronicles of Narnia more?

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