Pastor James David Manning Claims “Obama Has Released The Homo Demons On The Black Man!”

Pastor James David Manning posted a warning in front of the ATLAH World Mission Church in Harlem on Sunday that reads:

“Obama Has Released The Homo Demons On The Black Man. Look Out Black Woman. A White Homo May Take Your Man.”

The sign has many people scratching their heads.

“What does Obama have to do with people being homosexual?” Harlem resident Ronald Flagg wondered to New York Daily News. “He has enough to deal with in this country.”

Rochelle Hill, who lives on the same block as the church, told the paper: “It’s just appalling. It’s a poor representation of our neighborhood. It’s just hate.”

In addition to putting up the sign, Manning also released a four minute video on YouTube titled “White Homos Take Black Woman’s Man” that cautions viewers of the “catastrophic crisis of the absence of males in the home.”

“Women are having a difficult time finding black men to marry!” Manning exclaims.

The problem? Demons. And the good pastor knows precisely where they came from: “Obama has released these demons! Particularly upon the black males!”

“Obama is influencing black men to come out of the closet or be homosexual and they’re being scooped up by white homos!” Manning warms.

Unfortunately, according to the pastor, hope is fleeting: “You’ll have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male. He’s usually got money. The white homo usually has an American Express card. He usually has an opportunity at the theater. Homos love the theater. They love to go out to dinner, parties. They love that kind of thing.”

Well, at least Manning got one thing right.

“This demonization is such a stark contrast from the positive progress that has been made between black churches and their same-gender loving congregants,” Carmen Neely, president of Harlem PRIDE, a support group for LGBT communities in Upper Manhattan, told New York Daily News

New York Civil Liberties Union chief Donna Lieberman echoed Neely’s sentiment, saying, “This is bizarre and offensive, and shocking to see in a city like New York.”

We thought about contacting Manning for a comment, but decided against it. We’re very busy. We have a play to catch, followed by a dinner party.

We love those kinds of things.

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  • hyhybt

    Wait… who *doesn’t* like going out for dinner?

  • the other Greg

    If we start taking our Amex cards to Knicks and Nets games, there will be no stopping us!

  • MusicEsMiVida

    Come get me white men!!! Lol, DEAD!!

  • hassia

    This individual is deluding himself of his sanity.

  • Angelico

    I think this guy may be on to something. This sounds like the pilot of a gay, interracial vampire/demon series set in Harlem. HBO should seriously consider picking this up. It could be a True Blood spinoff. I’ve been waiting for a series with some really hot interracial gay sex.


    Seen a few of his videos before.

    I don’t hold with the received wisdom which states all homophobes must really just be self-loathing closet cases (being secretly Jewish or black isn’t a necessary condition for memberdhip of the KKK) but in his case all I can say is…WHAT A KAWEEEEEEEEN! Her pompous, barely concealed campy demeanour is a source of endless joy or schadenfreude

  • Dakotahgeo

    Some things just aren’t worth getting upset about. Consider the source and light them on fire!

  • Archangelo

    If President Obama has indeed released these demons, they have yet to make it to my neighborhood. Please hurry!

  • Respect4all

    I keep throwing out all those AmEx credit card offers. Little did I know that all I need to do is get me one of those cards and I can have the black man of my dreams. Can’t wait to get the next offer in the mail. Brothers look out!

  • Geoff B

    The religious right has become so aggresively stupid I can’t even be mad anymore. They do more to change people’s minds in our favor than anyone. At this point anyone who is this virulently homophobic is either faking it for money and power or dumber that a box of wet hair and being kept stupid by the fakers.

  • andy_d

    Homophobic AND racist. What a winning combination.

  • Steve Rider

    As a gay man who is also a parent I naturally wanted to do a good job of raising my now adult son. One day we were riding by a homophobic church much like the one here, my son turned to me and said “Look, a crazy store.”

    Every now and then a parent beams with pride.

  • Mezaien

    Obama, released The Homo Demons; I released the South Africa, Apartheid! what a good time it was.

  • Fitz

    He makes me feel sorry… Sorta… For Christians.

  • hyhybt

    @Steve Rider: Good one!

  • SteveDenver

    “Stereotypes exist for a reason.”

    Let me guess:
    1. He doesn’t preach against obesity.
    2. He preaches that “GOD” shows love through making you rich and his fancy suits are part of his witness to the power of the Lard…
    3. So is his fancy pimped ride.

  • tada-no

    Pastor Dave has no clue. Many Black homos frequently complain how the White homos block and reject them. So, Black women have little to worry about in reality, unless you’re Michael Sam’s girlfriend.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    It is sort of sad that Black Christians are just as fucked up as White Christians. I use to wonder why People of Color could not be more understanding of Equality but it is ALL about the stupidity of Xtian ignorance. It is like a marriage between a fairy tale and cancer.

  • JameyInHouTX

    It’s a good thing I was gay and black way back when I was just a sperm and an egg. I would hate to be tricked by a white man with a credit card and money. What an idiot!
    God was right you can’t save them all!

  • brooklynbobby

    @the other Greg: I love you!!!! It’s good to look at the funny when faced with the lunatic!!!

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