Pentagon Scrubs Gay Soldier’s Bio?

Slain soldier Alan Rogers‘ sexuality continues to stir scandal.

An unidentified internet troll inside the Pentagon reportedly deleted all gay details from Rogers’ Wikipedia entry:

The user on Monday redacted details about Rogers that appeared on the online encyclopedia site. Information that was deleted included Rogers’ sexual orientation; the soldier’s participation in American Veterans for Equal Rights, a group that works to change military policy toward gays; and the fact that Rogers’ death helped bring the U.S. military’s casualty toll in Iraq to 4,000.

The IP address attached to the deletion of the details and the posted comments is The address belongs to a computer from the office of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (G-2) at the Pentagon. The office is headed by Lt. Gen. John Kimmons, who was present at Rogers’ funeral and presented the flag from Rogers’ coffin to his cousin, Cathy Long.

Those army girl are cold bitches.

The closet-loving editor also left a note telling people to “quit trying to press an agenda that Alan wouldn’t have wanted made public just to suit your own ends.” Rogers’ friends say he deplored the army’s anti-gay politics, so maybe this is exactly what he would have wanted.

Rogers’ sexuality became a hot button issue last week, after the Washington Post and other news outlets opted to leave it out of their coverage. Post ombudsman Deborah Howell later opined that including Rogers’ “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” fight would have made for a “richer” article.” We’re sure the Pentagon wouldn’t agree.