Emotional exhibition

Perez Hilton breaks down in tears after being fired: “I’m sorry to my kids!”

Neither malignantly narcissistic nor self-serving, Perez Hilton has taken it upon himself to break down on camera in an opulent display of pure, undistilled emotion.

The reason for this wanton outpouring of feeling? He’s been fired from a mysterious dream job (“let go,” in his parlance), and the opportunity would have changed his life forever.

And the lives of his children.

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Showing the grace and restraint he is known for, Hilton magnanimously refused to reveal what the role was, for he is far too “professional.”

“There is a reason this happened,” he says, “and I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry again, I guess I have to say that again more often. I’m sorry.”

Telling a tale with more layers than an onion, he wipes tears from his face and worries for the children — his children, in particular.

“It will continue to be hard for me,” he says.

“And I’m sorry to my kids, because I know that when they get older they are going to have to suffer because of who their dad is.”

Hilton claims “everyone loved me” at the job, raising yet more questions as to what this mysterious gig could have possibly been.

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With his trusty plastic letter M and tiny stuffed animal at his side, Hilton claims higher forces led to his termination.

“This is why I’ve been so sad,” he writes on Instagram. “I’m sorry!”

The seven-minute YouTube clip — which has been viewed over 60,000 times — is below.