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Perez Hilton breaks down in tears after being fired: “I’m sorry to my kids!”

Neither malignantly narcissistic nor self-serving, Perez Hilton has taken it upon himself to break down on camera in an opulent display of pure, undistilled emotion.

The reason for this wanton outpouring of feeling? He’s been fired from a mysterious dream job (“let go,” in his parlance), and the opportunity would have changed his life forever.

And the lives of his children.

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Showing the grace and restraint he is known for, Hilton magnanimously refused to reveal what the role was, for he is far too “professional.”

“There is a reason this happened,” he says, “and I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry again, I guess I have to say that again more often. I’m sorry.”

Telling a tale with more layers than an onion, he wipes tears from his face and worries for the children — his children, in particular.

“It will continue to be hard for me,” he says.

“And I’m sorry to my kids, because I know that when they get older they are going to have to suffer because of who their dad is.”

Hilton claims “everyone loved me” at the job, raising yet more questions as to what this mysterious gig could have possibly been.

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With his trusty plastic letter M and tiny stuffed animal at his side, Hilton claims higher forces led to his termination.

“This is why I’ve been so sad,” he writes on Instagram. “I’m sorry!”

The seven-minute YouTube clip — which has been viewed over 60,000 times — is below.


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  • Spike

    Drama drama drama Queen !

    Always gotta make it about himself. Yawn, have not been on his sight for years, in fact had totally forgotten about him till now.

    • Wire dog

      U got that right.

    • o.codone

      “sight” ? huh?

  • QJ201

    So he finally landed a big Hollywood corporate job and the top execs were like WTF, no way?


    How many kids does he have now?
    I really have doubts that he is a good father

  • Darrellx

    From Wikipedia:
    He moved to New York City in 2013, stating, “I love New York and that is where me and my growing family want to call home right now”.[106] Hilton was referring to his first child, Mario Armando Lavandeira III, born on February 17, 2013, conceived with a donor egg and carried by a surrogate mother.[107] His daughter, Mia Alma Lavandeira, was born on May 9, 2015, via surrogate.

    • CanadianGuy62

      If he wrote, “…that is where me and my growing family want to call home…,” maybe they “fired” him for atrocious grammar.

      It is, “my growing family and I.”

  • CommutingwithJulie

    This “Showing the grace and restraint he is known for” is sarcasm, right? Because this Hilton is the worse. He’s loud, obnoxious, and the kind of gay person who makes the rest of us look bad. I don’t want anyone to lose their job, but let’s not give him anymore attention, okay?

  • Bob LaBlah

    Ok. Ok. So Dairy Queen decided one queen was enough and removed you from your stand…er, uhm, throne. Burger King and Mickey D’s are still hiring. I would send you over to Carl’s Jr. but since ol’ G85 seems to finally be at peace over there not even I will upset that peace by banishing to his realm.

  • Ed

    “…grace and restraint he’s known for…”? Are you kidding? Please tell me this is sarcasm!

    • dean089

      Yeah, “grace and restraint” are pretty much the opposite of what he’s known for. Which makes me wonder in what bizarro world Perez Hilton would ever be “Neither malignantly narcissistic nor self-serving.” The responsibility of children can turn people in different directions but it cannot turn them into a totally different person.

    • topsyturvy

      I always get confused about which is which. Is Jane Grace and Lily Restraint or the other way around?

    • Ed

      If I didn’t know better I’d think he wrote this article himself

  • Xzamilloh

    If it makes you feel better, Perez, your kids will likely be fine in life because by the time they grow up, NO ONE is going to remember who you were. In fact, I’m sure your kids are just fine now. Feel better?

  • DCguy

    You have to love him going on and on about this mysterious job, but then claiming he wasn’t going to reveal it because he’s just SO professional.

    He’s now hoping that people will be asking him for the next few weeks what it was.

  • Gilliflower

    Just going off the video I would say he is way big into self-disclosure. But he didn’t really bad mouth anyone (I started skipped over stuff when things began to get weepy) and just going off that I’d say “OK, hope you find something good going forward, learn from this” and move on.

  • Roberteallen56

    This dude should have waited till he got it together before interviewing.
    Seems to me he’s screaming gay
    Not that there is anything wrong with that.
    Dude just needs a retake, and spit it out.
    I got really bored early on.

  • bcarter3

    It takes a real tragedy like this to put the other, less-important events of the weekend–literal Nazis marching openly in the streets of an American city, a deadly terrorist attack in Virginia, the Sociopath-in-Chief going out of his way so as not to offend any of his supporters who think Fascism is just dandy–in their proper perspective.

    Never forget who the REAL victim is here!

    Je suis Perez Hilton!

    • Bob LaBlah

      Is it safe to assume you don’t care? lol lol lol lol lol

    • o.codone

      this is SO over my head. now I think Bob Blah Blah is onto something that I have no clue about. Wait, am I actually TOO high. Nah.

  • robertsqueerty

    I do feel some compassion and sympathy for whatever he’s going through. I know he’s not very likable but in my opinion, I just see another insecure person that is doing what they think they need to to feel better about themselves and doing it in all the wrong ways. Some people buy too many clothes and obsess about their looks, others become workaholics or go in debt to keep up with the Jones, some find addictions.. Perez learned to gossip and talk shit about others, bully to knock others down so he feels they are now on his level or below and does thinks to seek attention to feel validation. We’re all insecure in someways and I see that in most of the negative behaviors we all have so I just feel bad for him and hope that he finds someway to feel better about himself that is a little more positive. But anyways who I am to judge what’s positive or not…Nothing is real, love is everything and I know nothing!

    • Donston

      Unfortunately, like so many publicly known gay and gay-dominant men he has always come off as someone with a fragile ego looking for approval, attention and something to constantly boost his ever shifting morale. For many, it’s drugs or sex or body obsession or, in his case, drama. But I don’t feel bad for the dude. He spent so many years leeching off people and talking sh*t about people and actively trying to destroy careers.

  • sfhairy

    His 15 minutes aren’t over with yet?

  • sfmike64

    Wait. Who? Is it mysteriously 2001 again and no one told me?

  • niles

    If you’re going to take people’s coffee orders, you need to write down their preferences. Don’t just rely on your “memory” for a Non-Fat Latte With Caramel Drizzle! Don’t let Hilton’s tragedy happen to you!

  • WiredAngel

    Never commented here before, but had to register just to say how truly tragic this is. I can’t even watch all of it.

  • Chevelter

    Oh, Perez, just go cry into your big bag of money.

  • stuffedpuppy

    Remember when Anne Heche wrote that autobiography and did that BIG promo on TV…on September 10, 2001 (if you’re old enough, that is)??
    Right, Perez, people will care about it THAT much.

  • Captain Obvious

    Honestly the guy already hit the jackpot so I’m not gonna cry for him. He also set in motion quite a few gay witch hunts on a rather massive level average people couldn’t accomplish.

    That said the animosity a bunch of randoms have toward him when he did nothing to you personally is cringe worthy.

    As someone else said above there are far more important things going on. We have Nazis boldly running around in the streets and no longer hiding their violent tendencies(like stabbing a guy in the street at night versus mowing people down with a car). These Nazis are now trying to gain political power and allies by literally running around DC lobbying and holding rallies.

    Perez Hilton screwing something up in his own life isn’t on my radar.

    • o.codone

      captain, you’re pic is too much. is that a bit of cum on your face? the dick is almost out of camera range but we can still see it, that’s why you’re smiling so much. take it down, everybody sees it. you need a new pic dude, try a barbara streisand promo shot.

  • LittleRock

    Perez, for someone who has been so nasty to hundreds, if not thousands of others over the years, when you were fat, ugly, and poor, ZERO sympathy, here. Cry me a river. Karma is a bitch, bitch.

    • miserylovedme24

      He’s still ugly. No amount of weight loss can change that face.

  • miserylovedme24

    Go away and take Caitlyn Jenner with you.

  • gbm36nyc

    whether true or untrue, this the funniest piece o’ shit i’ve read on this line. i laughed all the way and through the closing credits!

  • o.codone

    i couldn’t watch it but Starbucks has lots of jobs, maybe some kind of lateral transfer could work.

    • Bob LaBlah

      @o.codone…………….Your going to put Ms. Yakety Yak (Perez Hilton) around all of that caffeine?

  • Jack Meoff

    What is the point of posting the video if you are not going to spill all the facts. Seems he is only trying to garner sympathy without telling us why/

  • JPDonahue

    I’m not a fan of Hilton but… Jesus! The comments, as usual, read like trump’s Twitter feed.
    So much hate.
    It’s not just the out loud ad proud Nazis bringing this world down.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Keep in mind Perez was a modern day Hedda Hopper and was just as vindictive to people he decided he didn’t like despite the public thinking otherwise.

  • seaguy

    Who cares. This is another desperate attempt for Perez to stay in the spotlight. He keeps the pertinent details like who fired him private conveniently. Probably because it is all a lie.

  • pattygale

    I cannot muster an ounce of compassion for this man who has made a living being a nasty bitch for way too many years. I usually don’t click on anything to do with him but guess his misery sucked me into checking it out.

  • mauikamaaina

    This creep deserves all the hate he is getting! Hopefully, his 5 seconds of fame have ended, and he will be flushed down the toilet to where all crap goes.

  • He BGB

    Now we need someonewhocopiedwhat he did years ago to reveal what the job was! TMZ? Anybody? Any mean spirited gossip for a living person? I’m waiting.

  • batesmotel

    He is way too into needing constant attention. Very embedded into that. He’s old enough to be evolving away from that by now. Didn’t know he had kids or a job outside of gossip blogging.

  • Alan down in Florida

    No shortage of schadenfreude on Qwerty today

  • Michael

    The arrogance of him thinking anyone was waiting for an explanation. And its interesting how he didn’t even introduce himself. Deluded queen.

  • Maude

    perez hilton. It’s hard to imagine a more degenerately evil person in, on, under or above the planet than him, but there may be one…….
    How about, nancy pelosi?!


    Karma is a bitch, and the bitch got karma-ed. Justifiably so.

  • JackieOMG

    Fat girls never get over being fat girls on the inside, no matter how much weight they may lose through lap band surgery or whatever method.

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