PETA Makes No Sense

One thing you can’t deny about the ladies at PETA is their passion, but while their hearts may be in the right place, we are often bewildered by their actions. We thought it couldn’t get any weirder than Survivor winners/lovebirds Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca getting naked (and shaving their pubes) for the good of animals.

PETA make out

Now PETA is planning a “gay make-out” protest in Washington D.C.’s Freedom Plaza wherein PETA member Mike Brazell and his boyfriend will make out on a bed for the afternoon under a banner that reads “Vegetarians Make Better Lovers” while activists try to convince passersby not to eat meat anymore. If Mike Brazell weren’t sort of cute, we would denounce this action as totally gross.

PETA plans ‘Gay Makeout Tour’ event on Washington, DC’s Freedom Plaza [PageOneQ]
PETA [Official Site]

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  • Josh

    I hate PETA-haters more than Bush. PETA sure knows how to get its message out… And why not use scantily clad folks? Eye candy makes the unpalatable subject of factory farms and animal slaughter a LOT easier to er, digest.

  • richard talbot

    “Even If Animal Research Resulted In A Cure For AIDS, We’d Be Against It”…Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA president

  • djdavi

    PETA’s very own VP uses insulin (animal tested and has animal products in it) to save her life so she can stop anyone else’s life from being saved.

    Just look at their best friend Rodney Coronado…..flipping arsonist.

    People for Extortion Terrorism and Arson

    Love animals … support the ASPCA or Humaine Society

  • Arch Noble

    If Mike Brazell is gonna “eat meat” (euphemism for fellatio) he’s not gonna convince anyone else not to. Most of PETA’s campaigns reek of desperate and confused sensationalism.

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