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  • Tintin Malfoy

    Wow. Talk about desperate for attention. Oh, and delusional.

  • REBELComx

    Didn’t someone just recently WIN a lawsuit agains WBC and Phelps for something like this? Why aren’t more people suing them into oblivion? This publicly printed open letter is clearly both harrassment AND libel. Sue them till they have to disband and sell everything they own. Then Phelps will be no more than the raving lunatic on every other city street corner – a crazy hobo.

  • Becca

    Their “Church” is located in a Zip Code that begins with 666. How appropriate.

    Phelps and his ilk are so vile.

  • Billie

    The funeral will be on an Amtrak train track in Topeka– the one with the train coming… You don’t need no ticket, you just get on board.

  • gay as life

    Well, they are consistent. I’ll give them that much.

  • Lone Ranger and Tonto

    I, for one, believe that all Americans have a right to free speech, even those horrid folks!!!

    I do believe that their reality helps the decent straight supporters of the LGBT community focus upon the homophobia and yes, homohatred perpetrated by these vile men and women trained in law and in hate.

  • KJ

    I’m sure that it’s very comforting to the family to be told their son and brother is in hell.

    The word “Gospel” means “good news.” If it’s not good, and it’s not news, it’s not Gospel. It’s crap.

  • emb

    Lone Ranger & Tonto: I agree that all americans have a right to free expression. However, that doesn’t mean they have a right to a forum, and I continue to question why Queerty continues to provide them with a platform. We all KNOW they’re vile, they’re up to no good, they hate us, and they say outrageous things. They’re also tiny, poorly funded, and generally without influence.If traditional and new media didn’t pay attention to them, that might help make them go away.

  • leomoore

    A more repulsive lot cannot be imagined. They picket funerals and insult everyone from Mathew Shepherd to dead soldiers and now Heath Ledger. If only there was really an afterlife where they would be tortured through eternity.

  • Chapeau

    I urge Queerty not to distribute Phelps propaganda.

    By reprinting their vile News Release you are giving them legitimacy.

    Although I’ve heard the argument that they are in fact in fact promoting our cause and do more to change hearts and minds than than HRC.

    But I think I’d prefer not to have to be confronted by this vile hatred when I visit Queerty.

  • Michael R

    Makes one long for the days when they institutionalized the insane.

  • He Hit Me and it Felt Like a Kiss

    I find this hilarious. Here they are, pathetically begging the grieving Ledger family to allow them to conduct an innocent, little ol’ religious service (when everybody knows what that really means), yet they just can’t keep it together long enough to keep their true bullshit purpose under wraps. Surely even the Phelps family couldn’t keep a straight face when they wrote this.

  • dude love

    I’m a Perth guy, and I’m planning on getting my ENTIRE kick-boxing group and red-necks and aborigional gangs to be on the ready so when this cult (they are NO religion, they’re masquerading as a church) arrives to harrass heaths funeral, WE will step in and give those fuckers a beating….hell, maybe even kill them….They’re the #1 hated family on the planet and wont be missed….Hell! I’d rather listen to Bin Laden then fred the fag phelps. And I dont even like Laden.

  • todd

    It would be SO freakin’ funny to watch those drunken Austrailans beat the crap out of the Phelps family.

  • Becky

    What the hell are you? GOD! What’s your fucking problem with Heath ? Come on guys! Majority of you are homosexual !
    You’re just sons of a bitch! Let Heath’s family and his body alone. YOU ARE THE FIRST WHO IS GOING TO GO IN HELL WITH THAT OPINION! So shut up! You’re just crazy, A REAL DEMON! You must go in a Psychiatric Hospital. Crazy people you are.
    You make me frustrated with this fucking letter. You’re such as a baby ! You deserve to be killed. Stupid people.

  • todd

    Becky, u r nuts and the nazis killed crazy people too, so I guess u can join us on the ash heap!!

  • ____

    Her name isn’t Becky. It’s Britney Spears.

  • ohiostud

    Heath Ledger you were a beautiful man, a brilliant actor and a beloved soul. Your death tore at the millions of hearts you once touched young and old. You will be missed however a vile disgusting clan of shit named the phelps still exit. God will keep your spirit and memory safe and unassociated with these this evil. HEATH LEDGER, please rest in peace.

  • Pearl

    Dude Love – that sounds like fun! They said they weren’t going, so they’ll probably get like-minded folks from around Australia to do their ‘praying’ for them. I really don’t think the Kevalanche’ll let Phelps himself in, or would he?

  • Damien

    “Là où il y a l’Amour, Dieu est présent” Et là où il y a la haine ?
    Qu’est-ce que c’est que cette pseudo-Eglise de pacotille qui va jusqu’à bafouer le deuil d’une famille ? Il est où Jésus dans tout ça ? Pour moi Il est dans cette homme mort qu’on cloue sur la croix de l’homophobie en écrivant non pas INRI mais Celui-ci est l’acteur qui a joué dans “le Secret de Brokeback Mountain”.
    Bravo Pasteur. Vous êtes véritablement un antéchrist.

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