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PHOTO: Jonathan Groff & Russell Tovey Rock Tuxes, Inspire Search For Sexy Guys In Fine Threads

Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey both rocked formal in last night’s episode of HBO’s Looking. The two bumped into one another at Patrick’s sister’s wedding, and some flirty bow-tying, witty banter and, of course, drunken french kiss ensued.

The duo are not alone in looking great in and being turned on by formal wear. Few things get us more worked than a guy sporting a great suit. They fire the imagination about the finer things in life as well as the pleasures that await beneath those fine threads.

So we went on a hunt for guys who look great in black and white.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite gays showing off their best penguin look.

There should be a law that says fashion designer Tom Ford is only allowed to wear tuxedos and nothing else.

R&B crooner Frank Ocean struts his stuff in his dapper designer threads on the red carpet.

Silver fox Andy Cohen switches it up with a white tux and black tie.

Tom Daley‘s boyfriend, otherwise known as Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, keeps it cool in traditional black and white.

Speaking of Tom Daley… Tuxedo or speedo? You decide.

80’s porn star Tony Nero was too sexy for his tuxedo.

Singer Adam Lambert rocks out in a grey stripped tux complete with metal studs and spikes. He completes the look with a pop of black fingernail polish.

When he’s not working up a sweat on the rugby field, Ben Cohen cleans up quite nicely, wouldn’t you say?

Penguin gay Ricky Martin is single and ready to mingle.

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka always look adorable together in their matching suits.

Zachary Quinto geeked out by wearing a pair of Clark Kent glasses with his tuxedo at last year’s Academy Awards.

Sir Elton John cuts a fabulous figure in this red satin dinner jacket and matching sunglasses circa 1970.

Finally, every gay man should have at least one pair of tuxedo boxer briefs in his wardrobe.

Photo credits: GQ, Fame Watcher, ElysiumUKAbbi Wilder, UK Daily MailManHunt Daily, MTVEbayHeatworld,

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  • JasonBrownUK

    Tony Nero, damn.

  • NG22

    That kiss should have lasted for, say, five minutes. Patrick was such a jackass for pushing Kevin away. He was looking sexy, and he so clearly wanted Patrick. Such a moron Patrick is…

    I saw Frank Ocean and stopped in my tracks. Dayum. I do remember Jonathan Groff saying that’s his celeb crush. That’s all kinda of sexiness there.

    Elton John? No thank you.

  • Mdterp01

    Oh gawd I love a man in a suit; a well tailored suit that is. The only one that I could really judge fully was Frank Ocean’s because it showed the full head to toe and he looked great. The key to pulling off a great tuxedo or suit is the cut. I hate a man who isn’t wearing the suit, but rather the suit is wearing the man. Matthew Mccoughnahey’s tuxedo last night at the Oscars had the potential to be great, but it was very ill fitting. The jacket wasn’t fitted and I hate when the pants bunch up at the bottom. The pants should drape over the top of the shoe without bunching. Jared Leto pulled it off well with his slim cut tuxedo pants last night.

    Overall though nice pics. The guys who wear suits and tuxedos above usually do pull it off well when I see them in terms of being able to tell they worked with a really good tailor. I’m more a Ralph Lauren kind of guy, but my boyfriend has a Tom Ford tuxedo (Tom Ford is so sexy) and the only thing better than looking at him wearing it is taking it off him.

  • the other Greg

    Dear “Looking” guys: there really IS a middle ground between the tuxedo look, and the homeless Vietnam veteran look.

    Also, if you have a boyfriend this month and need an idea for a present for him, go to Bed Bath & Beyond and get him a clothing iron. (Get one with automatic shutoff; most of you guys seem pretty ditsy.)

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