PHOTO: Lady Gaga Teases Name Of New Album On Twitter

Lady Gaga tweeted some details of her upcoming new album to her nearly 28 million Twitter followers: “Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title, *its all in the details* good morning twitter!”

Yes, ma’am!

The insistence on caps suggests the phrase may be an acronym, something Gaga teased herself, retweeting: “ARTPOP could mean anything. @Bad_Ana_Kid RT @ladygaga ARTPOP: (A)m (R)ich, (T)hin, (P)retty, (O)bscure, (P)owerful. #Lmfao”

The prolific pop princess also posted this photo of what looks like a real tattoo. ARTPOP is currently slated for a late-2012/early-2013 release.

Below, Gaga sings “Princess Die,” a new song she says “may or may not be” on the new album

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  • MJ (different from the other one)

    Question: why is there two threads on the same subject posted right after each other?

  • Dave

    She does know that “PopArt” was a Pet Shop Boys album, right?

  • So 2009

    Boring title.

  • Lifer

    “Prolific” is the one thing she is not.

  • Dagrlzrd

    At least she is doing something!!! GAWD YOU PEOPLE!!!What are you guys doing? I joined the It Gets Better project.And I am taking classes to council Gay Teens and work the suicide help line in Okla freaking homo City. These kids need our help. Lady Gaga knows THAT and she is doing something about it.

  • Please

    @Dagrlzrd: I can’t take anyone seriously who says “GAWD”.

  • Oscar Raymundo

    I’m glad to see Gaga is going back to her pop roots…

  • Red Meat

    @Please: Do you even know why GAWD was used in the first place 20 years ago? It was a jab at those who believe in God. Because he is not real, you know.

    – Madonna farts all over this.

  • Lord Sith

    CHild please..who cares

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    And having a new album has nothing to do with Elton John’s attack on Madonna for being “so mean to Gaga” and beating her/them out of her Golden Globe award.

  • velocifero

    The BTW Foundation isn’t her charity – it is her mom’s and it’s a tax haven for Gaga. Also, I’ve watched the BTW Foundation and haven’t heard of any such classes being offered. The Trevor Project already offers such classes in suicide prevention. Also, I find it insulting that some hayseed from Oklahoma would infer that people posting on this blog do not also volunteer for the LGBT community. That’s the thing – we volunteer honey. We don’t, like Gaga, use it as a way to exploit her teenaged audience and profit off of them. Meanwhile she pals around with such wonderful role models as Lindsay Lohan and Gaga routinely Twitters about her love of Coke and alcohol to her young audience. That’s a great role model! Please, ARTPOP sounds tired already. I’m sure she did what she has done her whole career – hired a bunch of producers to sit inside a studio, think up song ideas and hooks for her, then bring in a bunch of remix DJs to record the tracks onto a computer. Then they get her into sing over the slop. That’s how POPART is made in today’s music world. Ask Katy, Rihanna, Kanye and Chris Brown all about it.

  • filz

    great looking blog

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