PHOTOS: Arrr, Matey! Cute Guys Get Into International Talk Like A Pirate Day


Arrr, matey!

Did you know that it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day? Did you know that such a day even existed? Well, it does. The exact origins of Talk Like A Pirate Day are a little fuzzy. According to the holiday’s official website, it started in 2002. But according to its official Wikipedia page, it dates back to 1995.

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In any event, each year on September 19 people all across the world get into the pirate spirit. They dress like pirates, talk like pirates, act like pirates, throw pirate-themed parties and events, etc., etc. In fact, the day has become so popular that both Michigan and California have officially recognized the occasion.

Scroll down for some of the sexiest male pirates on Instagram…

Happy man on the balcony. #sunshine #gaypirate #smile #enjoythelittlethings #highasfuck #gapteeth

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???Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho! A Pirate's Life for D's!???

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The Pose ? #PirateKing #NoFilter #PoseGameStrong

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