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Christopher Atkins Began Stoking Your Fire 35 Years Ago This Weekend, Gets Naked Again

Christopher-Atkins_Blue-Lagoon-360x464If for some reason you want to feel really old, take note that Christopher Atkins is now a grandfather. The actor, who instantly became a heartthrob when his film debut The Blue Lagoon was released 35 years ago this weekend, is now 54 years young and still acting on occasion. Atkins costarred opposite Brooke Shields in the 1980 blockbuster about two shipwrecked kids coming of age sexually on a deserted South Pacific island, and spent most of his screen time opposite barely clad in a loin cloth when he wasn’t completely nude, because who needs clothes when you’re stranded on a tropical isle? Anyway, Atkins emerged from the salty water a full-fledged teen idol and sex symbol, who’d go on to pose for Playgirl (NSFW pics here), star opposite Kristy McNichol in the campy 1982 musical The Pirate Movie (look for it!), play a stripper in 1983’s silly A Night in Heaven and spend a season on the prime time soap Dallas. He’s since been in a lot of movies you probably haven’t heard of or will care to watch with cheesy titles, such as Deadly Delusions and Mutual Needs, but give the guy props for continuing to work.

To mark the anniversary of his splashy debut, Atkins traveled back to Fiji, where it was filmed and shared memories of his return as well as some photos he took with People magazine.

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“Of course we were going to enjoy the beach the way it was meant to be, without any clothes on,” he said about our favorite photo from the article below.


So here’s to you 35 years later, Chris Atkins. Still looking good, buddy.

Check out the original trailer for the film below then scroll down for a few recent-ish photos of the still-striking Atkins.

He caught up with other vintage hunks (from left) C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Maccio and Lorenzo Lamas at a Hollywood Collectors show in 2014.


 The rugged dude enjoyed a hike in the Sierra Mountains in 2012.



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