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  • Joe

    cute… but someone needs to feed that boy.

  • tallskin2

    @Joe – “cute… but someone needs to feed that boy.”

    Feed him??? Are you mad, he’s perfect!

    What is it with you yanks you eat and eat and eat until you’re the size of small moons!

    Fat is not sexy and fat is not cool.

  • Joe

    @tallskin2: don’t assume I’m a yank, mate. And what is it with you queens that makes you think anyone who isn’t emaciated is somehow “fat”?

  • Shawn

    He is Perfect. I’m American and I find most of them are fat. You may like to carry more weight, that is your choice, but don’t declare that society is fucked up because they consider you fat. Get a BMI and see where you fall. Cashin would be considered normal.

  • paul

    Ugh! So many tattoos! He looks more like a typical street thug than a model. Zero appeal!

  • Tessie Tura

    He looks like a rentboy.

  • Frank

    Not really into the “ex-convict” look….and yes, he´s too skinny, too emaciated….


  • declanto

    20 “fail”s, 7,350 views. Only 7comments and already we have the snipey bitchiness. “emaciated”= Thin or haggard, especially from hunger or disease. Frankly, the guy’s the picture of health. All this “feed him a sandwich-give him a large fries, have another cheeseburger” reaction is sick and a symptom of the obesity of the American public. Health =body fat.

  • Scot

    Is the carnival in town?

  • NAP79

    Pretty cute, nice body. But dresses/looks like a total douche. Originality is a lost art.

  • Marcus M.

    If I’m tired of people acting like if you aren’t stick thin there is a problem, I’m EVEN MORE tired of people acting like everyone who isn’t a muscle head is somehow emaciated or unhealthy. This guy looks FINE. He’s fit and obviously watches his diet but he doesn’t look unhealthy. Different types, people!

  • Marcus M.

    Also if this guy dresses like a “thug,” there must be some pretty gay gangs out there I’m not aware of.

  • asa1973

    Stop bitching about thinness or thugness and just tell me which links are the best so I don’t have to click them all. I think he’s hawt!

  • Paul

    1. he is slender, not skinny; skinny = not much muscles like me
    2. he is handsome
    3. the tattoo is OK, but for any model it should be considered a mistake; detracts from their natural beauty and limits their versatility; for christs sake if they need a tattoo for a shoot they can always apply a fake one
    4. the clothes are goofy in most photos; poses are also goofy in several; compare 19 (?) vs 20 (OK)
    5. #24 = beauty itself; strangely resembles Xerxes in 300

  • lawson

    Its funny that since he is a colored guy his tattoos are described as “thuggish” and “ex convict guy” but if he was a white abercrombie boy most would be gushing like “damn I love the bad boy look”…. sigh

  • Sarena

    Too much paint and too much jewelry.

  • Xtincta

    If you think he needs to eat a sandwich then maybe you need to put your sandwich down. He’s an ideal weight and very well proportioned. And people these days have tattoos, get over it. Maybe it’s a generational gap cause I find tattoos to be sexy.

  • Lance Halberd

    In addition to “LOL”, “Fail”, “Cute”, “Stupid”, and “More Please”, I think there needs to be a “Meh” category as well.

    Don’t get me wrong; this model is (as all models are in MG) leaps and bounds more physically fit and photogenic than myself, but I’m just completely ambivalent to this one. Maybe it’s more the photographer’s choices than anything, because to me this whole MG just feels, well, … meh.

  • Philip

    You’re going to the cast of Oz for MG? Thanks but no thanks.

  • craig

    I don’t get the “thuggish” and “too skinny” comments, or I naively think I don’t… He just looks like a less twinkier version of Bruno Mars, nothing wrong here, but like the poster before it’s just MEH… it’s just been like 2 or 3 months of MEH morning goods here…

  • Tessie Tura

    @lawson: Colored? When one wants to play the race card, perhaps one shouldn’t use antiquated terms to describe the folks in question.

    I thought I saw a tan line in one of the pics – it never occurred to me that he might be black – my comment was based on his thuggish appearance and tattoos, not any perception of race, because I presumed he was some sort of tanned juiced up Jersey Shore type – and didn’t care to click through enough pictures to further assess his ethnicity.

    I had already locked my car doors at the red light from the sight of him.

  • craig

    @Tessie Tura: Race is hardly a game, discrediting someone concerns on attitudes towards ethnicity has childish is what is really being overplayed. Non-white isn’t synonymous with black like black doesn’t systematically refers to a ebony like skin tone. An archaic term like colored does sounds off, I’ll give you that. Anyways, if this hipster/twink/wannabee rude boy frightens you, I would suggest you stay clear Williamsburg, he’s probably there at a Starbucks with his homeboys *rolleyes*

  • Scot

    I don’t really give a damn what race he is but lets be honest, with all that ink in him – he is colored! Downright cartoonish.

  • tjr101

    He is too thin? Are you guys crazy, he is a picture of perfect health and very sexy. I’ll take him over a roided muscle head any day!

  • declanto

    My choice is #10, where you can see the beauty of his face and physique. The hat is like a halo and he looks truly divine.

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