PHOTOS: Gay Scruff Through The Ages


The moustache is the evolutionary next level to enlightenment.”

— noted gay Oscar Wilde

Wilde, however, was more a fan of a stiff, clean upper lip, but even he had a thing for the cookie duster. Though scruff may be having something of a comeback these days, gays have been growing it out and trimming it up for millennia. From the queens of Ancient Greece to gay porn stars of the 70s, facial hair has always had a bit of a queer bent. So saddle up, kids, we’re going on a mustache ride of facial hair in gay history.






Leonardo da Vinci




William Shakespeare


Abraham Lincoln

Henry-David-ThoreauHenry David Thoreau


Langston Hughes


Frida Kahlovincent-price

Vincent Pricebayard-rustinBayard Rustin


James BaldwinrockRock Hudson

harvey-milkHarvey Milk

Alvin-AileyAlvin Ailey

watersJohn Waters

freddiemercuryFreddie Mercury

village-peopleThe Village People

And of course, very few things are as glorious as the gay porn ‘stache of the ’70s and ’80s:

helmut-krossHelmut Kross


Tex Murdock


Dick Fisk


Joe Porcelli



Who are some of your favorite scruffy gays from yesterqueer?

h/t: Facial Hair Fetish/ Manhunt Flashback Friday

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  • balehead

    Why are the porn stars from yesteryear more masculine than today’s porn stars?….and it’s not just the scruff….

  • BJ McFrisky

    @balehead: Because our society wants everyone to be “equal” in status and appearance, we feminize our men and masculinize our women.

  • Tackle

    Frida Kahlo, you guys are wrong with that. Lol…
    Joe Porcelli, Damn! I missed something there…
    @balehead: Not only are they more masculine, but a 100 times hotter…

  • ajax

    @tackle and @balehead

    IMHO because they spent their time in the gym working to look like men, not like anatomy charts. They developed their bodies without steroids. And they didn’t ink their bodies with the equivalent of motel art.

  • BBellairs

    Dick Fisk is the background picture on my desktop. Hot! But I wouldn’t kick Bruno, Joe Porcelli or Tex Murdock out of bed either.

  • balehead

    I think gay shaming of starights still has a lot do with it…..

  • balehead

    more straight shaming…

  • Zaladine

    Tex Murdock is unbelievably sexy. Why don’t man like him exist anymore?

  • ZaneStuart

    @BJ McFrisky:

    It’s not simply society. The fashion and entertainment industries perpetuate this very boring “ideal”.

    An inordinate amount of LGBTQ folk work in these industries which leads me to wonder; do we have ourselves to blame?

    Personally, the homogenized look popular today should have expired long ago.

  • RomanHans

    Sigh. I think Queerty lives alone in a world where John Waters = “scruff.”

  • Cam


    You have made the exact same comment in multiple posts now. It’s sad how desperately obvious your agenda is.

    We get it, you think “gays bad, heterosexuals good.”

  • dvlaries

    Al Parker, Richard Locke, Sky Dawson, Will Seagers, Mickey Squires, Clay Russell

  • ShaunNJ

    I have to say this pictorial contained the most diverse LGBT group I’ve seen to date on Queerty. It’s refreshing.

  • iMort

    @dvlaries: I was wondering how they could leave out Al Parker?!?!

  • balehead

    Cam sounds like a bully…If it’s true it can be repeated….stop with the “Cyber shaming” of mine and other people ‘s posts….

  • balehead

    An out of shape cyberbully that is…

  • Maharajah

    I, um – guys, I have a real problem.

    I can’t stop looking at the Rock Hudson picture, blushing like a school-girl and smiling.


    Seriously – damn he was one handsome dude!

  • CityBoy300

    @ Maharajah – agreed about Rock Hudson, who first made me realize I was gay. Cary Grant for style, but OMG Rock Hudson for sex.

    Re others – where is JM King?

    Oh, and Freda Kohlo was just shady – y’all should be ashamed.

  • Geeker

    Whatever happened to Helmut Kross? Are any of the Colt guys from the 70s and 80s still around?

  • Doughosier

    It’s not just gay porn. Men in ther mainstream media have also gotten feminized and “prettier”. In the 70’s movie stars were like Burt and Clint Eastwood. Now we have Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. The world’s taste seems to be getting younger and more boyish.

  • Toby Ross

    Well, everything comes with a price, the models of yesterday did the films because 1. It was fun 2. They just wanted to get in do it and get out,fast, there was a sense of a verboten element to it which got everybody excited, what you have today are queens who have a bad attitude and an ego big enough to inflate the titanic with a sex energy of a dying battery through as they squeeze flaccid dicks to make them look hard. This is one reason the business has hit the skids, no more mystery, and too gay. Why would anyone pay 29.95 to look at a man he wouldn’t even want to have coffee with. Please.

  • Pete

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Honest Abe was not gay.

    And Plato was anti-sex, period! “Symposium” is the most promiscuously misinterpreted of the Socratic dialogs.

  • readycarlos

    @balehead: Because these guys were straight and “gay for pay”.

  • readycarlos

    @Pete: No one said he was. It’s just a review of men with Scruff. Put your skirt back on.

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