PHOTOS: It’s Fleet Week, And We’re In The Navy Now!

Today marks the start of Fleet Week, when strapping young sailors from around the world disembark in New York for a little well-deserved R&R. It’s always been a eye-candy bonanza for women and gay men, but this year’s Fleet Week is even more special: It’s the first one since the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

For the first time, gay sailors will be able to waltz into the Ritz or XL—in uniform—and proudly be overcharged by some twink bartender.

God bless America!

We’ll be scouting Midtown this week for some uniformed hotties but, in the meantime, enjoy these historical images of Navy pals posted by Alan Light on Flickr. “Years after my step-grandfather Jerry Southwick died, I found a bunch of his old Navy pictures in a box,” writes Light. “They are really cool, and frankly a bit homoerotic.”


Photos: Gerald Southwick

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  • JasonMacBride

    I know a woman in midtown who gets a tattoo for every sailor she bangs during Fleet Week. After this year she’ll need more skin. Always one of the best weeks in NYC for eye candy.

  • rob

    The photos all seem to be from my era in the Navy, and bring back wonderful memories. We didn’t have DADT, but we found one another, somehow.

  • Brian

    They might not have been out, but looks like they had a hell of a good time.

  • Bob

    Was this the Fire Island Fleet?

  • Dave

    I was in the Navy from 1966-1970. I always formed a group of gay friends at every base I was at. Best time of my life.

  • David K

    I had the “BEST” time ever in my 30 yrs in the Navy!!!!!

  • Peter Fitz

    I can almost taste the salt on their skin

  • michael

    I am guessing you have never been a bartender nor been in a bar with military personnel. As a former bartender let me spell out the normal protocol for serving our military,

    As a bartender you do all you can to give them free drinks. These guys put their lives on the line for us. If you have to charge you make damn sure to make that drink as strong as possible. However 90% of the time their drinks are being bought by a total stranger to them out of appreciation and thanks.

  • Mcflyer54

    I have to believe that nearly 50% of the sailors I served with (1967 – 1971) were gay, or at least willing to give it a try. In those days, because of the draft and Viet Nam, virtually everyone ended up in the service and when asked if you were homosexual you lied because, although it would keep you out of the military, it could also keep you from ever holding a decent civilian or government job.

  • tim b

    Yeah, I don’t guess anybody in uniform will be buying his own drinks at XL or any other gay bar.

  • OmiBasket

    Vintage photographs are the best!
    They have a magic about them that takes the viewer far.

  • jason

    Wonderful photos. But they’re not homoerotic. There’s fun and sensuality between men but not homoeroticism. Perhaps a better word would be homosensual. It covers all bases and doesn’t force an identity crisis on how we perceive the sexuality of the men.

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