As the expression goes, the Lord works in mysterious ways. For example, at the annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles today the usual antigay protestors showed up to tell all the good people raising money for HIV/AIDS research that they’re going straight to hell. This year, Jesus Christ himself showed up to attempt to silence the haters with a passionate subtle protest by standing in their midst holding a bouquet of 99 red balloons. OK, it’s not the real Jesus obviously, but a holy impersonator (Kevin Lee Light) who has become something of a traffic-stopping local legend as he walks the sidewalks in the City of Angels.

L.A.-based journalist Brody Brown snapped photos (see more below) of the peaceful, symbolic standoff between love and hate. The protestors show up  each year at such events in Los Angeles, but as Brown tells Queerty “someone always comes up with a creative solution to distract from them. At one point a hot, hilarious guy was holding a big group of red balloons, blocking the protestors from view. I’m assuming he or someone else gave them to Jesus to pose by the protestors with them. The protestors were clearly peeved and one was muttering something at Jesus.”

Perhaps he was asking for an answer to that eternal question: what would Jesus do? Although knowing these hypocrites, probably not.

Brody adds, “Later I saw Him walking in the AIDS walk with the balloons on his shoulder, as one might imagine Jesus would shoulder the cross.”

Photo credit: Brody Brown





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