PHOTOS: A Look Back At Our Top 10 Olympic Crushes Of 2016


The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio will soon be over and it’s been one hell of a ride. This year’s games had no shortage of scandals, including a straight reporter who baited gay athletes on Grindr, a sex tape leak, and an alleged arm robbery that may or may not (probably not) have happened.

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Of course, there were some pretty awesome and far less scandalous moments as well, including a record number of out and proud athletes competing, a marriage proposal, and an awesome Nike ad celebrating trans athlete Chris Mosier.

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Then, of course, there were all the cute guys.

Scroll down for a look back at our top 10 Olympic crushes from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio…

Pita Taufatofua

May we never forget the time we watched him shirtless and being smeared in oil on live television.

Tom Daley

Be in the moment. ??

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Or “Thomas Daley” as he prefers to be called these days.

Jordan Burroughs

"Making America's Gladiators." Inside look from my shoot with @mensfitnessmag

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According to his Instagram page, all this 28-year-old wrestler from New Jersey sees is gold.

Jeffrey Wammes

#saturday #training #almost #competiton #? #gym #You don't get opportunities you take them! #ibrahimovic #quotestealer

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The openly gay Dutch gymnast didn’t nab a medal in Rio, but his Instagram is pure gold.

Tony Yoka

The French boxer made his Olympic debut this year.

Sergio Sasaki

Quanto mais eu treino, mais sorte tenho?????? #GoBrasil #faltam10dias #olympics #rio2016 #roadtorio #workhard

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The Brazilian gymnast found himself at the center of a scandal this Olympic season when a rather revealing video of him leaked online.

Luca Dotto

Not only does he hold the record for the 100 meter freestyle in Italy, but he’s also a celebrated underwear model for Emporio Armani.

Amini Fonua

Got an exciting announcement coming up #staytuned

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The openly gay swimmer from Tonga just announced he is the new Brand Ambassador for Raw Materials Premium, a line of all natural men’s skincare products.

Robbie Manson

Olympic horse, Olympic rower. This wasn't our time but we will both be back in Tokyo #snowmanontour #tarzan

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A rower and a stallion.

Greg Louganis

The 2016 Rio Olympics kick off today! What's your favorite event? #RioOlympics #Rio2016 ???

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OK, OK, so maybe he didn’t compete in this year’s games (he’s retired, after all), but he was still there cheering on his younger counterparts, snapping selfies with Tom Daley, and serving up some daddy realness.