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PHOTOS: Michael Musto Celebrates 25 Years of Being NYC’s Fun Dumpster

OH SNAP — Last night Michael Musto, who is a doll, celebrated his 25th anniversary as either a 1) New York City nightlife staple; 2) Village Voice columnist; 3) bike rider; 4) glory hole diary chronicler. Either way, all of Manhattan’s homosexuals came out to fete the man who’s been blogging New York … in newspaper print.

[Photos: NBC LA]

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  • Taylor Siluwé

    Michael Musto is a true treat. My invitation must’ve gotten lost in cyberspace, but I won’t hold it against him.

    Love you, Michael. HAPPY 25th!!

  • MuscleBoy

    who cares about this old faggy troll…

  • nikko

    Michael Musto is hilarious! hey MUSCLEBOY, stop being such a rude himbo! let me guess, you’re under 30, right? Stupid Y generation trash!

  • Cam

    Wait, #2, did you just use the word “Faggy” as an insult? Wow, self hate much there?

  • kelehe

    “I’m a little bit afraid of intimacy, so I’m much more comfortable just having sex — not even having sex, just making out in a night club or something and then just discarding them and going home.” – Michael Musto

    What a true gay hero and leader.

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