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  • clownfreak

    send in the clowns. don’t bother they’re here.

  • Joe

    I didn’t get it when I was their age or twice their age. I’m still lost at three times their age. But they seem to be having fun, so who am I to scratch my head in confusion? Some of them do look quite sad, though. Not sure what that’s about.

  • Dr. Dick

    Also, as usual, not ONE goddamned picture of me. Who do u have to blow around here???

  • clownfreak

    @Dr. Dick: #15, of course.

  • Paul F

    I was meh, until I hit Mr#20. Also, lately I’m seeing a lot of National Geographic style ear spools being sported, when are the the lip spools going to hit it big? They’d add SO much sophistication to the tongue piercings.

  • Spike

    Bless their hearts, putting so much energy into not looking like they don’t fit in,
    and the end result is no different then all the boys wearing white at the White Party.

  • ggreen

    Did they import these people? There are actually some hot ones especially in picture #20. Every time I go out in SF it’s the same old 100% not hip hipsters (bad hair and ragged clothing) and those god-awful drag queens all trying to look like Lady Bunny.

  • jason

    This just seems like a fetish event. To each his own but let’s not pretend it’s anything other.

  • cdubois

    Good and bad, I love fashion risks!!! There’s always at least one peice of clothing or accessory that can be toned down or reworked to make accessible for everyone. I would rather see an outlandish impractical spectacle than another gay guy in cargo shorts and a tank pumping a “straight acting” (i hate that term SO MUCH) look.

  • Andrew

    Looks like a pointless event with lots of twinks who love to use meth like the guy in pic #15.

  • Michael P.

    I think its fabulous!!! I applaud all things strange, Misfits Unite!!!

  • rjc

    i did a lot of k in my day, this looks like a lot of meth, i fear their ‘days’ maybe shorter than mine, at least i got to retire from the new york scene, i set my self a cut off date when i moved here

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