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PHOTOS: Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Sunbathes Sans Swimsuit

Tom Brady Conglomerate

Ah, remember the halcyon days of summer, when it felt like every sun-scorched second found yet another male celeb doffing his swimming costume in order to show his wriggly wares to the clamoring masses?

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Well, now the branches have grown barren and we’re old and gray as dead leaves crackle crisply underfoot. We brace ourselves for the brisk autumnal air, nary a naked male celeb in sight; only rumply tweeds, corduroys, and a wistful sigh that grows heavier with each drawn breath. All we have to warm ourselves is the most fleeting ember; the distant reverie of that one special summer when it felt like we had it all.

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But that’s when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — currently on leave for illegally deflating footballs during a game in 2015 — takes it upon himself to sunbathe nude in Positano, and the paparazzi goes bananas and takes a million grainy photographs of the guy behind his back and you can view them all HERE, you sick freak.

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