PHOTOS: Something’s Off, And Possibly Homeless, About This Ukrainian Pride Parade

PHOTOS: Ukraine’s LGBT community held its first Pride Parade back in May, after a series of setbacks including a proposed ban on all gay pride events. It was a low-key affair, only lasting 20 minutes, but hundreds of anti-gay protesters showed up anyway, leading to some 30 arrests by police.

Recently, another demonstration was held in the capital, Kiev, that looked decidedly less gay, as in happy, and less, shall we say, prideful, than May’s parade. Reddit user “Ukrain” explains:

In fact, this “parade” is a provocation, organized by ukrainian goverment [sic]. They payed to homeless alcoholics to act as LGBT community. According to them main argument against Europe – are gay parades.

Whether or not what “Ukrain” claims is true, the idea of government-sponsored hobosexuals is an interesting one to say the least. Masquerading one undesired population as another seems like a good way to marginalize two birds with one stone, but then again, what if the homeless stunt queens actually “turn” gay? According to Ukraine’s less “progressive” neighbor, Russia, that’s how gay works, after all.

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  • JohnnyRalph

    God, the Ukrainian government is filled with losers and virgins.

    This works against them because LGBT homelessness is actually a serious issue and they are unintentionally raising awareness for that.

  • viveutvivas

    Those people in the picture don’t look like homeless to me. But how would homeless people in a parade discredit gays? Are homeless people not good enough for our parades now? Does “Ukrain” think he is better than homeless people?

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