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PHOTOS: Travel back to vintage Fire Island with “Hot Rods” erotic photo book

Writer/model/funny man Greg Scarnici’s latest book Hot Rods offers audiences a titillating parody of those dime store gay porn magazines from yesteryear.

Set on Fire Island, the book features feathered hair, bushy mustaches, tight-fitting speedos, un-manscaped torsos, striped athletic socks and, of course, terribly written erotic stories.

In a statement to Queerty, Scarnici says:

I wanted to make a parody of a vintage gay porn magazine from the ’70s ever since I inherited a collection of used porn on Fire Island about ten years ago. I just found them so over-stylized. It was as if they put more effort into the design of the book than the actual photography. The photos all seemed so casual–as if they just found two vagrants on the beach and were like, “Hey, you wanna make $50?” I also loved the truly terrible stories and felt the whole genre would be fun to satire. Then, the whole project came together magically last summer. Ah, Summer 2019, when it was still safe to have fake sex with a bunch of your performer friends all over Fire Island before this nightmare of a year changed all that.

Check out some images from Hot Rods and order your very own copy of the book at Scarnici’s website.

Hungry for more?

Scroll down for some pics from Scarnici’s Instagram page…

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