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  • Billy

    I can use photoshop to get that ciggy out of there :)

  • Carl

    These pictures fell short of the potential this man has.

  • declanto

    In the real world it’d still stink. I stopped at 10, another “ciggy” shot and although I’ve had my share of bad boys, I simply lost interest. Is that all there is?

  • NateB79

    @declanto: No that’s the last one. But the whole spread is pretty bad.

  • Tessie Tura

    Most of these pics look like they were taken in a Cockroach Courts motel with a RAZR phone camera.

  • patrick

    Well, Queerty clearly peaked with yesterday’s hunk. This one looks like you want to get him out of rehab, throw him in a tub and scrub him with soap and a wire brush. He’s got the sex appeal of a bar rag. Did I mention yesterday’s model? OMG!

  • Geoff

    Decent body, but kind of pointy facial features. Nothing to write home about – dime a dozen west hollywood type.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    The man is sexy as hell. However, smoking a cigarette completely ruins the moment.

    Ricky Martinez –

  • Jeffree

    You need to stop promoting your own website here. Advertise elsewhere.

    I have a website as well, but I respect this space enough not to try to drum up business here. Please lose the links.
    Thank you.
    jeff z.

  • jimmy

    All the boys come my house, and they say they see can how, and you just let it pop

    Now why you lie?
    You lie you lie you lie!
    You lie you lie you lie!
    You lie you lie you lie!
    You lie you lie you lie!

    Whatcha droolin’?

  • Slingshot

    Hmmn, no one tells us wich pics are worth looking at any more, does Q edit them out?

  • Christopher in VA

    Mmm-mmm-goodness! Nice soulful eyes, luscious lips, sharp pretty feature, perfectly furry: amen!

  • trevor

    @declanto: fuck u. don’t hate. jealous, fugly bitch!

  • Gay Florida

    Tessie, we would gladly meet him at Cockroach Courts Motel. And take pictures with a Kodak Fun Saver.

  • JLeigh

    You people are sick!!! Jealousy is a sickness, Get well soon HATERS. This guy is a awesome person no matter what so give it a rest!

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