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Police rush to home of Aaron Carter after reports he’s ‘on the verge of death’

Aaron Carter in a hospital bed

Police rushed to Aaron Carter’s house in Florida this week after neighbors reported “erratic behavior” from the singer.

According to The Blast, a woman called 9-1-1 to say that Carter was “not in a safe mental state” and that he was “engaging in drug activity.” Specifically, she said, he was driving around the neighborhood “inhaling computer duster.”

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“He’s been driving drunk all night,” the caller told 9-1-1 operators. “I’m sure he was driving fast and intoxicated.”

She added that he appeared “very, very ill” and “on the verge of death.”

When police arrived at the scene, Carter purportedly “threatened to harm family and others” and that told them he was going to take his own life by “mixing Xanax, Clonopin [sic], and ‘Dusters’.”

Carter, who is 6′ tall and only weighs 115 pounds, has had a bumpy few months, including being dumped by his girlfriend after coming out publicly as bisexual, opening up about his addictions to drugs and plastic surgery, rapid weight loss, and more.

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  • Eddie W

    Coming out the closet as Bi wasn’t what he’d hope it would be, Girls didn’t want him. ooops!
    that only work for bi girls

  • kent25

    came out as Bi and couldn’t get a date with a girl, back on drugs again

  • Smith David

    Jesus! I hope he’s ok. But, if this is just another cry for attention, this is really sad.

  • MacAdvisor

    Let us all hold Aaron in The Light and hope for his speedy recovery. At this point, we don’t know what caused this incident. That this is from the stress of coming out is speculation, at best. He could well be suffering from an organic disorder, such as a brain tumor, bipolar disorder, and any number of things. Let’s hope the problem if found and corrected.

  • Paco

    So he is addicted to inhalants. Even though the whole coming out as bi thing was a total farce, I do hope he gets the help he desperately needs.

    • Paco

      And the ex-girlfriend has already said that his coming out at bi had nothing to do with the breakup. The man is a walking train wreck so I can imagine dozens of reasons why someone would breakup with him that would be more difficult to deal with that him messing around with ONE guy once upon a time.

      Time to stop blaming their breakup on his coming out, Queerty. The man is a mess and probably not an ideal person to be dating.

    • Kenney G

      He brought it all on himself, I guessing he thought he could be the male gaga or something. Some people just don’t know when to leave after the lights are turned off on their so called music career

  • StuC777

    I hope he’s OK. I met him once when he was a teen idol, when he stopped by our office to promote something or other. He couldn’t have been nicer, so I’m rooting for him

  • JaredMacBride

    So what did the police do after they rushed to his home? Was there an arrest or hospitalization? Or was this just a neighbor fed up with odd behavior?

    Or was this just a “shocking” headline to generate clicks?

    • jesusbangedmybootie

      I noticed that too. Although I felt that I cant really expect Queerty to be the source of ethical journalism.

    • Kenney G


    • Louis

      You are disgusting to even joke about this guy in that way.

      Typical tactless thoughtless insensitivity from some of you here smh.

      I hope he gets the help he needs and improves I don’t wish him to die as you just did.

  • Chris

    It seems that he’s suicidal. I hope a long stay at some mental institution helps him get his life back in balance.

  • abachooklas

    Damn, that’s insane. I can only imagine how difficult life must be when you’re no longer THE pop star and someone as untalented as Justin Bieber shows up and steals the light. Hope things workout for him.

    • Brian

      Aaron Carter was never THE pop star. He had one minor hit by virtue of being a real pop star’s brother. And he was washed up long, long before Justin Bieber even knew what YouTube was.

  • mz.sam

    Another real hot mess, Gurlfriend!

    • Kenney G

      Yes Indeed lol

  • Dinodogstar

    I wish he’d avail himself to the opportunities to begin recovery that being well-off and famous brings.
    But he is NOT in his right mind, so it’s hard to hate on the guy. I HOPE this situation is the straw that breaks his drug addiction and denial’s back.
    he needs help, not hate.
    He didn’t HAVE to come out. He didn’t HAVE to reveal his weaknesses and faults, drug addiction or mental illness. He’s a flawed and broken work-in-progress, like we ALL ARE. Please, let’s maybe not shame others for what we know is productive and sincere, and helps our community and ourselves as well.

    “Imperfect myself, i must show compassion towards others.” -Dalai Lama.

    • n1spirit

      Thank you. I get so fed up with the judging, crass and heartless comments made by so many on Queerty. Yes, he is a hot mess but there are any number of reasons as to why that is. And given that there are so very many in this country who are enduring, dealing with or suffering from (without help at the present time) mental illness, drug/alcohol addictions, physiological conditions, etc. Well, as you say, we are all a work in progress… But of course, for some, it’s so much easier to just be little bitches and “judge.” Again, thanks…

    • gayjim1969

      I agree; we don’t know what another person is going through or what brought them to the point they’re at in life. I fail to understand the incessant need of people to judge others harshly when they would want understanding and compassion in similar circumstances.

      I always think that if you look at anyone in detail, you will have empathy for them because you recognize them as a human being, no matter what they’ve done.
      Andrea Arnold

  • kent25

    and all this happened in bi week, Looking for more attention , Those bi guys are a Hoot

    • jesusbangedmybootie

      the bi thing was over a month ago. just because you read that slowly doesn’t mean it happens that way.

  • Kenney G

    Mentally ill, poor thing. his music career was already dead

    • mz.sam

      No s**t, Sherlock!

    • Louis

      You are pathetic.

    • kent25

      Yes he’s done poor baby

  • Kenney G

    Nico Tortorllia need a room in the same psych ward, His sexuality changes every month, next time he will be a Lesbian lol

    • jesusbangedmybootie

      you gotta get some better material, your coming up with duds. (ps lol’ing your own joke is the best way to show you are an amateur)

    • kent25

      or a Trans woman

  • Rex Huskey

    It has nothing to do with his sexuality. He is weak, a fame whore and trash! Poor thang….NOT!!!

    • Louis

      Let’s hope people show your life more compassion then you showed to this young mans.

  • Kangol

    The mean gurlz are out for Miss Aaron Carter on Queerty today. Please, show this poor thing some compassion. There but for the grace of God and the absence of a drug addiction and a defunct career…

    • Louis

      You are no better you insensitive imbecile.

  • Donston

    The majority of these comments are written by two or three people.

    Apparently, he has entered rehab, though that hasn’t been confirmed yet. As always, I wish him physical and mental health.

  • Nahald

    Coming off of drugs and/or alcohol is NOT an easy thing to do. I hope he gets his demons under control.

    • jesusbangedmybootie

      I think, as with most cases that the drugs and alcohol are a symptom or byproduct of something like depression or serious anxiety. So often there seems to be the only thing they focus on is whether or not a person is sober, and then ignoring the fact that they are now still just as bad but just having to feel every moment of that. Then they say they are weak or demonize them for going back.

  • alanballs

    I’ve experienced similar situations with a few friends, and one family member over the years…..Aaron didn’t succeed in checking out this time, but eventually he will. He’s looking for peace, and he will find it.

  • Donston

    He apparently has indeed gone to rehab. But he also made sure to remind people that he will be releasing a single and touring when he gets out. Mess per usual.

    • jesusbangedmybootie

      is he supposed to put all that on hold? you don’t work in media do you? You cant wait 4 months and hope that people pay attention then. people are looking, I know it’s not easy but that monkey better start dancing, if he ever wants a banana. not saying it’s right I am just saying, thats the business

  • Brian

    I’d have more sympathy for him if he hadn’t released this ridiculous photo. Makes it all look like a publicity stunt.

  • jjunke

    lucky he’s white…..if he was black, the cops would of shot him dead.

    • jesusbangedmybootie

      I would actually agree, first question police asked a friend when they thought I was committing suicide (i wasn’t) was “is he black?” they asked that before asking if I owned a gun.

  • jesusbangedmybootie

    Will someone just help him, stop exploiting him and help!? I understand the jokes and humor (I made them too, then I saw the breakdownS!) It’s like watching someone die and no one doing a damn thing except televising it. Any news story that is just reporting on the crazy behavior and thinks that is newsworthy, is just basically kicking someone when they are down. Did anyone notice the Doctors episode only wanted to offer treatment at the facility that they promote. No one offered a sober companion or other option to help because he has contracted gigs to do. People need to stop forcing their way as the only way. If he commits suicide, those close to him can’t say, they didn’t see it coming.

  • Curtispsf

    There but for the grace of God…

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