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Aaron Carter goes on TV for HIV test, reveals depth of drug problems and unsafe sex

We’re not exactly sure why freshly out bisexual singer Aaron Carter chose to go on television to learn his HIV status  — can someone be in that much need of attention? — but his appearance on The Doctors did reveal it and so much more.

In a clip posted by the TV show under the highly-problematic titled “Aaron Carter’s HIV Test Results Revealed” (Seriously, someone’s status is not a cliff-hanger plot twist), the younger brother of Nick Carter learned that he is negative. The entire segment was called “Aaron Carter’s health crisis!”

Through tears he opened up about the fact that his weight has plummeted in recent weeks, and that, combined with some risky sexual behavior, had him oh high alert that something was wrong.

“That was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life,” he told hosts.

“After not getting annual checkups and testing and being safe, actually, being safe so I could be safe for others, more importantly.

“That’s what scared me. I felt like I was putting people at risk with my body… I didn’t have the courage to go face the music.”

And while his results did come back negative, it turns out he’s right to be gravely concerned about his health.

Carter spoke candidly about becoming addicted to prescription drugs and cosmetic surgery, and the hosts had some stern warnings:

“You are malnourished, and your body mass index at 17 is in a scary range,” Dr Stork told him.

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“We can’t just sit here and blame it on a hiatal hernia. We have got to work on this.”

It appeared Carter wasn’t quite ready to make any huge changes, though.

“I get fillers. Restylane, Voluma, Rejuviderm. I get all three, and I’m going to continue doing it,” he said.

“It makes me smile in the mirror,” he says.

“I see a pretty good looking guy, I’m just skinny.”

You can find more of the appearance below:

He also took a drug test to counter rumors that he takes meth:

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  • Jack Meoff

    He looks dreadful and he is clearly in denial about his health situation. Getting fillers to disguise your ill health is pretty desperate.

    • ChrisK

      Interesting that being extremely underweight and gaunt is a good sign of “illicit” drug use. That’s a meth look if I’ve ever seen one. Prescription drugs won’t do that.

      If he’s using fillers to fill out his face I’d hate to see him without it.

    • medcannabis1

      Another young man caught up in the Lifestyles of the rich and want to be famous. He looks horrible and very gaunt as if currently addicted to methamphetamine and his Behaviour including his sexual addictions can only be fuel for his destructive personal behaviors. One could whole family member step in with a serious intervention and long-term Aftercare to break his using behaviors

    • queenmm

      Join the gay dating app “DaddyBear” to meet healthy gay men and enjoy safe sex.

    • ChrisK

      No one wants your shitty Chinese spam app.

    • oddchild1

      @ChrisK obviously you know nothing about drug use. If you’re regularly using using adderall, vicodin, and xanax in under a month you’ll be cadaverously thin. Not only does it feel good but since we’re in a culture where the motto “You can never be too rich or too thin” is taken to heart usually you’ll get compliments and dates.

    • ChrisK

      Yes I believe that with adderall since it’s a very strong amphetamine. The rest I’ve taken many times myself and it doesn’t make you “cadaverously thin”.

  • Luc

    This is painful to watch.

  • ChrisK

    Meth and cocaine don’t stay in your system that long. The tests are completely irrelevant a week later.

    Plus, I thought he said he’s never had sex with a guy and most sexual transmissions are still through gay sex. Sounds like he’s just making shit up as he goes to stay relevant.

    • Hermes

      In this country sexual transmissions are now about 2/3rds or a bit more homosexual and closing on 1/3rd heterosexual – or very close to it. GLOBALLY the WHO estimates it to be approximately 90% heterosexual… does Aaron Carter travel outside the US and Western Europe (where it is quite rare as it spread there from here)? I’ll be he does. Does he have sex anywhere other than the West? I’ll bet he does.

      I have to say, in the 80s I used to go to rallies and one of the signs I often got to hold was “AIDS DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE” – true then and now – in fact, I cannot imagine how anyone can look at global statistics and say that most sexual transmissions are still through gay sex. MOST sexual transmissions were NEVER through gay sex, unless your view of all transmissions is very limited in scope.


    • Poncho Sanchez

      Unless Aaron’s doing the needle sharing program.

  • Donston

    I wish him mental and physical health.

  • barkomatic

    It must be twice as hard to go through a substance abuse problem when you’re famous. People who are under the influence say and do crazy, illogical stuff but in this case it’s exposed for the whole world to see and laugh at.

    • Donston

      It’s the reason why I wasn’t keen on him trying to restart his career directly after “coming out”. Not only did it make the outing look more suspect but it was pretty obvious he had a lot of physical/addiction/mental/emotional issues to work through before thinking about trying to be a pop star.

      If he truly wants help coming clean about what’s actually wrong and getting to rehab and to a psych is what’s needed. But he’s still mainly clubbing, giving interviews and being overly active on social media.

  • RobtheElder

    Aaron Carter looks unwell. All the doctor’s tests can read in the negative, and you can be seriously ill. I think Aaron is seriously ill, and wanted someone to confirm the opposite. I thought a part of the interview he did was to assure his fans that he 1) wasn’t HIV positive, and 2) wasn’t addicted to any drug they can easily test for, one that’s routinely abused in the out and about community. If he is out and about, and says that he’s bisexual, equally attracted to men and women, if he isn’t a monk, he’s making it with guys and dolls. That means he’s doing the nasty with everyone who appeals to him. They can have my share of whatever he’s pushing these days, I don’t care who he is… RobtheElder

    • Donston

      He has recently said that he only had one instance of sexual contact with a man and it was ten plus years ago and that he doesn’t have much sexual attraction or interest in men at all. However, when someone comes off this physically and emotionally ill and attention-seeking it’s impossible to believe anything they say.

      The dude just needs to stop talking, get the hell off social media and get into rehab.

  • He BGB

    I can’t watch “dr” Phil or any show produced by him and/or his son. Thank god the doctors has either been taken off the air or moved to some obscure time slot in my town. But the blame is not entirely on Phil but desperate people who go on his shows.

  • BigG

    He’s an opiate addict and I’m pretty sure he does heroin. He’s not bisexual he just did that for attention he even came out and said he prefers women and only wants to be in a relationship with women. He’s mentally and physically deteriorating and until he’s 100% ready to get clean he’s gonna die. It sucks. he has been delusional for years.


    Of course one would do this on TV if one had an option of doing this privately.

    Inb4 alien abduction or transitioning

  • Bradsman

    There is something very endearing about him, although he’s a desperate, attention seeking, mess.

  • Riley

    Funny how 20 years ago before computers, laptops, mobile phones and social media none of these mental, health and addiction issues we see today ever existed in society. Also children weren’t on Ritalin, Prozac or other mood enhancing medications nor placed in therapy for acting as a child and there was no such thing as a children’s hospital. Before all this technology people use to sleep eight hours a night, work eight hours a day and for the other 8 hours of the day would either rest, exercise, socialise, study, hobby, cook, sit down to meals and talk to real people.

    Here we are 20 years later with this technology in our homes and we even carry it in our hands. Since the introduction of social media and creating our profile. Literally everyone in society has become over mentally stressed and tired from lack of sleep, not exercising, socialising or eating properly with typing to avatars who want to follow us. While fully being psychoanalytically pressured with updating and checking our social media profiles and many other unrealistic expectations that all fully revolves around this technology. That mentally has created mass anxiety and a grocery list of mental, health and addictions issues within billions of people globally, that has also even caused persons to suicide or to murder others.

    This fellow is just only one of the billions of ‘real faces’ behind avatars, Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat selfies or YouTube etc wanting likes and followers on their profiles. Who in reality are all suffering with a myriad of mental and health and addiction issues that all never existed over 20 years ago. When people got eight hours sleep, mentally and physically worked eight hours not sitting in front of a desktops, also face to face people socialised together without texting.

    • scotshot

      What a load of crap. Do you believe that everything was better in the 1990s? 1980s? 1970s? No and even before then problems existed, today they are magnified by social media and technology and the added pressure of population – once 3billion in 1960 and now approaching 7.5billion by 2020.

      Granted there is more of everything today readily available but people haven’t really changed.

    • DCguy

      @Riley said…

      “Funny how 20 years ago before computers, laptops, mobile phones and social media none of these mental, health and addiction issues we see today ever existed in society. ”


      LOL!! Is this some kind of joke!? The ONLY difference was that the internet didn’t exist so the P.R. teams could lie and pretend that something else happened. Remember when people like Lindsay Lohan or Tara Reid were admitted to hospitals for “Exhaustion”? A totally fake diagnosis and one that no hospital ever put on admitting papers. Those were for drug overdoses.

      How about these celebs:
      Tommy Dorsey
      Maralyn Monroe
      Elvis Presley
      Jimmy Hendrix
      Janice Joplin

      How about the fact that Heroine was at first invented to try to be a replacement for people addicted to Morphine because it had become such a national problem?

      How about the Opium wars in China?

      This is one of those comments about “Gee whiz, everything used to be so much better”

      No, it wasn’t, the only difference is, now the reading audience knows that the stars P.R. people are liars.

  • da90027

    Sadly most of these young people in their 20’s getting fillers botox etc actually makes them look older. Lindsay Lohan looks like a 40 year old with lots of work done. Wait until they are over 50 then THINK about it. And the less the better. He needs to address his anorexia not botox.

  • ShowMeGuy

    I’ve seen corpses which looked more alive.

  • JaredMacBride

    Sad case, and feeding him attention isn’t helping a thing.

  • phishy2

    Many addicts can pass a single urine drug screen, as long as you don’t smoke pot. Lets try a hair drug screen.

    • Poncho Sanchez

      If you watch all the videos of the Doctor show, they did do a hair test, they’re all on youtube.

  • potsie

    Every time I see Aaron face in recent pics, I always can’t get over how much he looks like 91 yo actor Harry Dean Stanton. If you don’t know who Stanton is, look him up on google images and compare it with Aaron’s pic above. You will the resemblance, they have the same indented skeletal face, bug eyes etc..

    Except Aaron has better hair!

    • IanHunter

      I see it now. I did not see that before. He does look so much older. He looks like he doesn’t sleep nor does he take care of himself. I hope he gets help. He is a great voice.

    • DCguy

      OMG, you are right!

  • IanHunter

    I really think that he has an eating disorder. He is definitely suffering from something. He needs to meet with a great Psychologist and a team that can determine what his problem is. Believe it or not, men do suffer from anorexia and bulimia. A lot of guys would like to blame it on drugs than admit this disease. I hope the best for him, and that he is helped soon. He is someone that is talented, and he will have to fight his demons first.

  • Kenney G

    ugh! does anybody cares, he looks like a walking corpse

  • BriBri

    He needs help, not ridicule. You queens are despicable.

  • daisydave

    I watched both episodes in entirety. I don’t like the way the writer of this article bashes Aaron. Stop bashing Aaron people! He is genuinely concerned about his health. My take is the stress of his anxiety, and stress load of his work, lack of rest, medication regimen and poor eating habits have taken their toll on him. Literally “wearing himself thin”. The doctors recommended he take time off to take care of his health, physical and mental. I wish him the best in his recovery.

    • DCguy

      And which work is that exactly?

      Are you trying that old line that celebs work SO MUCH harder than everyday people?

      Maybe Aaron should try something like being a roofer in Georgia or a Roughneck in North Dakota before you try to claim that him doing one show a week in a club is so “Exhausting”

    • ChrisK

      Damn. Thanks for insulting every single working person ever. You know those people doing actual work. You’re insane.

    • ChrisK

      I’ll bet this is another Brian creation to stir shit up though.

    • Donston

      The dude doesn’t do any “work”. And he’s been looking like this and behaving like this for years. If he really were truly looking for help doing constant interviews, clubbing and posting pics on the social media is not the best way to find treatment for whatever ailments he’s contending with. My guess is that he does indeed wants to get better, but his psychological issues/addictions keep him looking in the wrong places to “get better”.

  • Nahald

    Seems this has-been is just looking fdor a little attention and another 15 minutes of fame. Btw, he looks like he’s a mess.

  • Jaxton

    Sex is not risky. Promiscuity is risky, not sex.

    Two healthy people having sex is completely risk-free. as far as STD’s are concerned. You do not need to wear condoms or any other stupid thing.

    Don’t fall for the fake “you must always wear condoms” moralizing of the gay community. It’s a community made up of frauds who promote the very culture they warn you against.

    As for Aaron Carter, maybe he should eat better. If he has substance abuse issues, they are not conducive to good health.

    • surreal33

      Mr Jaxton you are truly DEMENTED!!! Karma can’t dispatch you quick enough.

  • alllowercase

    I fear that what is really happening is that he did this show to shut up all the nay sayers, so that he can continue to do what he wants. If anyone tries to confront him now and tell him that what he is doing is going to kill him, don’t you think he will say “no! I was tested on that show, and I wasn’t addicted to anything, etc, blah, blah, blah”. It is a common ploy of those who are addicts or living dangerous lifestyles.
    I feel for him as much as I would anyone else living a life of drugs and dangerous sex. Add to that, the attention seeking and high pressure of the entertainment industry, it is simply a one way trip to premature death.
    Someone pointed out that he looks like Harry Dean Stanton, well Mr. Stanton just died, albeit he was 91, but still, I’m just saying.

  • surreal33

    Mr Carter is a joke not worth commenting on. The real issue is Queerty ( a gay media outlet) is once again trivializing HIV.

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