Prince Reveals the Health Condition That Made Him Wear Women’s Blouses

Sometimes homophobic recording artist Prince was born with the purple spirit — and epilepsy. He tells Tavis Smiley about the condition he’s never discussed publicly before. So how is Prince’s health now? “My mother told me one day I walked into her and said, ‘Mom, I’m not gonna be sick anymore.’ And she said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘Because an angel told me so.’ Now, I don’t remember saying it, that’s just what she told me.” CURED! Praise Jehovah.

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  • Telesphorus

    If he´s not gay I am am bottom…

  • ChristopherM

    Gee, he seems so reasonable here. Then you hear that the reason for this calm about him is being a Jehovah’s Witness. I mean, I’m all for finding peace in your life, but if you’ve ever actually read what those folks believe, you have to assume he’s still nuts, just in boring outfits now.

  • naprem

    The thing is, he HAS talked about this before – in the lyrics of “The Sacrifice of Victor” from the O(+> album.

  • Jack

    @naprem: epileptic till the age of seven / i was sho’ heaven marked the deck

  • BobP

    Princess is a nut job.

  • Jack

    @BobP: Princess? You’re on this site, throwing around gender put-downs. Tragic.

  • Bob Lablah

    @BobP: I too have pictured him in my mind many a day with a queen victorian type collard dress on.

    Though I love his music (I cheered while the majority of the crowd booed him off the stage when he opened for the rolling stones back in LA back 1982(?) he has always struck me as a gay loner of the worst kind. The type that must have ALL eyes on him while denying he basks in it. I hate queens who are so stuck on themselves they won’t even hire an escort for sex. The type that keeps AEVN and johnsons baby oil in business. No queen, you are not fooling me. The fact you are a Jehovahs Witness speaks volumes about your mental state and what YOU think you are hiding.

  • BobP

    Tragic? You’re joking right? I love to put down closet cases.

  • getreal

    @BobP: I agree there are trans people on here and I think gender put downs don’t really have a place on an LGBT website. They are hurtful to T people.

  • James

    @BobP: I love it too, and it should be done. It’s our responsibility LOL. Especially when they are suddenly homophibc Jehovah’s Witnesses, like Princess!

  • Jet

    I am transgender and I am not offended at calling Prince, Princess.

    It’s true!

    I mean seriously, we don’t all have sticks up our asses … some of us know how to laugh a little.

  • Helga Von Ornstein

    @Jet: Why lie? Girl (prince) IS VERY talented. That you cant take away from her.

    Sadly the lonely confused little boy he was then is now a lonelier (but richer), freakish looking middle-aged man. I don’t think (or hope) he dresses like that off stage. I mean really. I see a clown sitting on that couch without it’s makeup.

    He is one of the few rock stars where there are practically no sexual comments regading having sex with him ever posted. They are all directed at him in a mostly derogatory manner. I really feel sorry for him and Michael. Both amount to nothing more than what they are, entertainers.

    That is what happens when success comes at an early age and you can not go out and explore on your own without having to think of your career first. The only one I think that has handled it expertly (success at an early age) without causing a stir was LLcoolJ. There has NEVER been a scandal surrounding him. Not even when he cried at the funeral of one of his entourage who died of AIDS and looked VERY gay.

    Love you LLcoolJ.

  • John Lennon

    Who cares, I like his music, and don’t care what he wears, is, or was

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