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These queer media stars are helping save America from itself

Never has the fourth estate been under greater threat. From false cries of "fake news" to Facebook's refusal to stem the tide of antigay propaganda to the demise of local newspapers across the nation, it is a scary time for communities who depend on media to propel the truth of their cause and expose right-wing attacks on their equality and their lives.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of LGBTQ media talent striving to revive and enlighten Americans not just on our causes but far beyond.

In honor of pride season, we bring you just a few of our favorites doing life-saving journalism this year.

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4. Jennifer Finney Boylan

The point at the heart of Good Boy: My Life in Seven Dogs, Jennifer Finney Boylan’s 2020 memoir of how a boy grows up to become a middle-aged woman, is the exact opposite of what we often assume about a human’s best friend. That we train dogs, and they serve us. In fact, Boylan shows, dogs teach humans what sometimes seems impossible for us to find: love. “Everything I know about love,” she writes, “I learned from dogs.”

It’s not exactly the message we expect from one of the country’s leading transgender writers. But it is one we have come to expect from Boylan, who has enlightened us through thirteen published books of memoirs, novels, and short stories. Today, she is perhaps best known as a New York Times contributor, where she opines on everything from Susan Collins to Coronavirus.

About a trip to London, she reflected on the unfairness of how where you happen to reside can determine whether you are allowed to love whom you chose–no matter how many dogs you might own.

“Living one’s life without fear or shame ought not to be a matter of luck, or of nationality,” she writes in Loving Freely. “All of us — men and women, gay and straight, cis and trans — deserve to be loved.”

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