Parting gift

Randy Rainbow bids farewell to President Trump with one of his best videos

Randy Rainbow (Photo: YouTube)
Randy Rainbow (Photo: YouTube)

Over the last four years, one man sure to cock an eyebrow at the antics of the Trump administration and set it to music was Randy Rainbow. President Trump has provided rich fodder for the comedian. Yesterday, unsurprisingly, Rainbow unveiled one final farewell gift for the President as he leaves office.

Rainbow usually sets his parody videos to classic tunes from Broadway shows. His latest is a reworking of the song ‘Seasons of Love’ from the 1996 musical, Rent.

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That song famously included lyrics about “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes” – imploring listeners to treasure all the precious moments in the year of a human life. As some of the characters in the show had HIV, it’s often associated with World AIDS Day and the virus.

Rainbow’s parody is called ‘Seasons of Trump’, and finds him singing of the “two million, a hundred two thousand, four hundred minutes” that Trump has been in office.

The scathing song, which recounts four years of lies and chaos, has had almost a 900,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing, with one commentator quipping, “A fitting farewell to the most low-Rent president in history.”

On Twitter, among those to thank Rainbow for the song was the President’s niece, Mary Trump. Last year, she published a family memoir entitled Too Much and Never Enough, recounting her family’s history of abuse and dysfunction.

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Whoopi Goldberg was among others to offer thanks to Rainbow.

Actor Anthony Rapp, who appeared in the original production of Rent, also praised the song and said its writer, the late Jonathan Larson, would have approved.

Rainbow wasn’t the only one bidding Trump farewell with some Broadway-inspired singing. On his Late Show last night, James Corden teamed up with some noted stage performers – including Joshua Grosso, Jillian Butler, Emily Bautista, Kyle Scatliffe, Shuler Hensley, Patti LuPone and Matt Lucas – to mark Trump’s imminent departure. They sang a reworked version of ‘One Day More’ from Les Misérables. Watch below.