Retired priest reinvents himself as gay adult film star at age 83, says he’s “having a party!”

Norm Self

Norm Self describes making his adult film debut at age 83 as “splendid.”

The retired clergyman from North Carolina tells The Sun he feels “more vibrant” than ever, because his “erotic energy has taken over” since pivoting from a lifelong career in the church to a late career in adult entertainment two years ago.

So far, 85-year-old Self has appeared in four gay adult films since 2017. And while he hasn’t been paid for his work, he’s really not too concerned about that. Self is mainly in it for the sex.

And to inspire future generations not to feel trapped “in the norm.”

Self, who recently appeared in the documentary “On The Game: The Sex Business,” says his career change happened a few years ago when the person he was living with asked if he would ever consider doing gay porn.

“My housemate asked me if I’d be in a film,” he recalls. “I was invited in and all of a sudden all this attention comes to me.”

“We are going to have sex anyway so why not make it a liberating and bonding experience instead of hiding it away in the shadows?”

Last year, Self, who came out as gay in 1997, told Huffington Post that making his first adult film was simply “delightful,” saying the “best part was just being there and doing it.”

“It was splendid! How could it not be? (I was in) a blessed rural setting, surrounded by a cast and crew of loving, competent, supportive brothers intent on sharing the good news of the healing power of pleasure. What could be more delightful? And, if you’ve seen the video, with the two adorable models performing, what else could be lacking?”

Four films later, he’s still having a blast. Or, as he put it, “having a party.”

When asked by HuffPo what is the biggest misconception about older people and sex, Self replied, “I would speculate that the biggest misconception is that sex ‘wears out’ and isn’t for elders.”

“I would dispute this fabrication by pointing to many elders I know (even older than I am!) who regularly enjoy this sweet intimacy.”